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Download True Love For Her APK and Find Your Soulmate in this Dating Simulation

The main character Yandere-chan, must appear normal and avoid being caught performing criminal activities. She must maintain her reputation, keep the trust of the teachers and other students, and avoid appearing suspicious to her love interest Senpai.

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This visual novel is an unofficial fandub based on the Japanese audio drama CD series of the same name. Originally aimed at a female audience, each volume features two yandere characters in different scenarios who fight over you, the listener.Yandere Heaven was one of the first drama CDs I ever listened to, and it wasn't long before I was hooked. I always wanted to make a fandub of the series, but when I heard there was going to be a yandere game jam, and knowing I had very little time to actually create something to submit before the deadline, I decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to not only make an English localised dub of the first volume but also turn it into a visual novel! While I tried to stay as true to the original Japanese script as possible, I did make some small alterations here and there.The series is pretty old now, but I'd recommend checking out the original version if you can find the CDs anywhere!

I'd love to be able to give the remaining volumes in the Yandere Heaven series the same treatment, however, Darling Duality is my current main project, so I can only work on this as a side project. If there's enough interest, I may occasionally release future volumes as supporter-exclusive content on Kofi & Patreon :3

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This game will always be available to download for free, if you enjoyed playing it, you're welcome to buy me a coffee, or support other projects I'm working on by becoming a patron :3

I'm not 100% sure that I understand your question, so my answer might be a bit useless, but I will try x3 sorry if I'm not much help though >.

-i love this game just wish for more options.-like i love the voices the art everything just wished there was more choices.can i be honest? i am a wife is my yandere sort'uve they stole my clothes and such to get me to go to there house and pick it up.they told me years later that they did this.while we were dateing i had no i thought i forgot my stuff over if there is an option to love them back that would be great.i loved every minute of this yandere wouldn't dream of hurting me and hate to see me disappointed.

I'm glad you had fun with it :3 Sadly, this isn't the type of project that will ever have choices because, unlike my other projects, it's just a fandub VNification of a Japanese drama CD series, and I wanted to stay as true to the original as possible with my localisation. Including choices would mean writing new content for a story and characters that aren't mine, and that's not something I wanted to do with this particular project.

My other projects with my original content have plenty of choices though :3 And if you're interested, a couple of them do allow you to make choices to love the yandere back ^-^ Two, in particular, can result in loving relationships with the yandere love interest where MC is a willing partner (Darling Duality Demo and Bitter/Sweet Blythe)

HI I just wanted to say that I loved this game. OELVNs aren't usually my cup of tea (I know this was based on a Japanese audio drama but you know what I mean lol) but I really enjoyed this one. It's silly and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll definitely check out your other stuff while I wait for Volume 2, but I just wanted to share my appreciation since I saw you mention getting hate in another comment. I was especially pleased about how inclusive this was with being able to select the gender of your love interest and your pronouns. You made this lesbian very happy with that feature

Well, making someone happy makes my day ^-^ I try to be as inclusive as I can in my projects :3 I'm a little limited by the fact that I can only edit assets since I can't draw to save my life, which means if I'm not working with an artist on something, I can only use what I have in my collection of assets. As far as pronouns and the gender of love interests go though, I've managed to make that available in most of my projects :3 It's an option in IMPOSTOR, Darling Duality, Love in Lockdown, and Bitter/Sweet Blythe. Then there isn't any romance in Limbo Line, but you can pick MC's pronouns + pick a masculine or feminine voice for your boss and build platonic friendships. And in The Graveyard shift, there's also no romance, but you can choose the gender of the protagonist and your partner :3

So glad you had fun with volume 01 ^-^ It's probably one of my least favourites of the series if I'm honest, but it just seemed wrong to begin on a different volume rather than go in the correct order, haha.As for volume 02, it's a bit of a sticky situation >.And now I have really mixed feelings about localising any other volumes for this project because waaaaay too many people are playing it and rating it badly without reading that it's a fandub localisation/VNification of a Japanese drama CD series >.

Hey! Sorry my reply is so slow >..this list from all the different suggestions that other Mac users have made over time :3

In the beginning when the two boys bicker it's like they're the kind of bad friends who love the girl but end up wanting to monopolize the girl enough to get rid of the other one. Maybe I can look forward to a threesome?

Honestly, I really don't get the main character. It might be because they're very quiet, self insert-y, but don't they think that their sibling is being weird/going to far? I have to agree with the other love interest, it's weird and I don't get why the main character lets it happen. I don't even think the "It's just always been that way so no need to question it" reasoning works because even the status quo can become extremely annoying or overbearing. Just doesn't make any sense to me I guess.

I think the only thing I didn't love in Kasumi, is the fact she allows herself to leave the house, while keeping me in and using her dad as her muscle instead of doing the dirty part of being a yandere herself...Aoi on the other hand seemed a bit out of character to side with, as we barely knew much about her...With male characters I assume would be the same, or similar story, just with male characters, but I may be wrong. Either way a good one for such a short time!

I get that and respect it strongly!The female version felt a bit overly nice... Normally when a guy cooks for 2 females and is offered to have a woman work while he stays at home it ends with everyone at the school making fun of him... but I realized quickly I was supposed to be a girl hit on by 2 guys... well... too bad I am not xDI enjoyed it! I loved half of each character and hated half as well... The step sister made sense as a love interest to me much more, because we already had emotional connection. I loved that she didn't threaten to kill me, but I didn't like how the PC didn't address her leaving while not letting us leave... I would 100% use that as an argument! Like... "If you want to ever leave my room, you MUST take me with you!" I wouldn't escape or try to escape tho... She would have to agree with that argument as I was using her own logic and if she wanted to stay I would argue "If we die, then we were together for less time! We must live longer and be together longer! I can't have it end now!"Maybe I am too much of a yandere fan tho...The co-worker made little to no sense to be a love-interest. As I barely knew her... However the fact that a girl is strong enough to ride a bike with 2 additional people on it and still make it on time to school and work did make me stop questioning it xDThings I like in women are usually what women like in men, which is weird I admit, but made it work... She was also pretty nice and yes the calls were annoying and she made very logical points... The moment when she LOST ME was when she was contemplating getting someone else to kill her rival instead of doing it herself... at least my sissy kills people with her own hands, or whatever she used during that fight... her punch was supposedly "nothing" so I guess probably a kick? Can a kick even be strong? I guess she might have strong legs? No clue... but I just wrote a whole thesis on a fan project of yours xDIn the end I would pick Kasumi here. She made 100% more sense, was much more fun to be with, she did the dirty work by herself instead of hiring hitmen and ordering food... except for that time she got her (or our) dad involved, but I don't blame her... he did it himself, she just didn't oppose it, which makes sense... 100% that is a better situation and with high enough manipulation/charisma skills you can end up in a happy life with her...Aoi just took us to a hag's house to die, with Kasumi probably dead in the basement, or slowly dying there. I mean... Ok it is an often explored trope, but not my thing... I much prefer a reasonable yandere that does have expectations. Instead of just "I wanna be with you and kill you whenever you do one thing wrong" I liked more what Kasumi did "I want to be with you, but I still want us both to have a life... together but still be alive... I'm just super jelly of everyone..." with the second one you can easily try to use logic, to apply the same rules to both, the first one is just seeing you as an object, that unless acts perfectly is disposable... not really love, just using a person to fill an idea of a loved one... Not my type of thing...Thank you for reading this post which was way too long! I may have looked into it way too much as it was a comedy, but hey... I hope that dollar helps with... ummm... what costs a dollar since inflation in your country? I know a dollar in my country can buy ummm... hmmm... a cookie? xD


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