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NANA Episode 27

The series has been licensed for a North American release by Viz Media, which they first announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2007.[2] The series was first available in North America on the Funimation Channel.[3] A dubbed version was later added to iTunes.[4] The first eleven episodes were released subtitled on Hulu prior to a DVD release.[5] The first English DVD box set was released on September 8, 2009; the second on November 24, 2009.[6]

NANA Episode 27


No. 27-kai! A Great Voyage Through Seven Worlds! (7つのセカイを大航海, Nana-tsu no Sekai o Dai Kōkai!) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. It features the destruction of the Black JuraGaon.

But the fact that I went into this knowing what would happen allowed us to prepare the ultimate plan for the last episode. I waited for this moment ever since we released episode 2. Finally, it is time for no one to notice what we did!

Talentless Nana is a television anime adaptation based on the Munou na Nana manga series by Looseboy and Iori Furuya. Produced by Studio Bridge and directed by Shinji Ishihira, the series premiered in October 2020 and ran for 13 episodes. An English dub was released on Funimation on November 21, 2021.

The near-unanimous reaction to hearing that Marquette had received a verbal commitment from Seymour (WI) guard Sandy Cohen was "What, the dad from The O.C.?" As such, it seemed the obvious thing to do would be use The O.C. references when he makes an outstanding play for the Golden Eagles. We spent last summer recapping episodes from the first season of the classic Fox drama in order to mine for gold for when the basketball playing Cohen did something superlative. He had a relatively quiet freshman campaign, but that doesn't curtail our quest for entertainment, both during the season and during the quiet summer months. So we're back again in 2015 with recaps for the 24 episode second season.

We open in the Cohen kitchen as Seth deals with the idea of Bright Eyes having two top 10 albums. I was going to make a crack about remember when Bright Eyes was a thing, but apparently they've released two albums since this episode aired 10+ years ago, so what do I know. Thankfully, a phone call from Nana interrupts this pop culture reference, and she's calling to talk to Sandy. He leaves the room to talk while Ryan, Seth, and Kirsten remind us of what the Nana's deal is. There are oblique references to Nana being sick and being better now, which is probably for the best, because according to our highly detailed recap of her previous appearance, she was diagnosed with six months to live..... 14 months ago. DON'T REMEMBER THINGS, KIDS. Anyway, Sandy wanders back in after he's done talking to his mom. She's engaged! Guess what that means? SPRING BREAK IN MIAMI!!!!!!

We get a quick bunch of scenes setting things up here: Ryan doesn't really want to go because he's restarting things with Marissa and also Trey's just getting back on his feet, but Seth badgers him into going; Sandy's concerned about his mom because who else would love her besides him (remember, Sandy's dad was a non-factor in his life); Ryan talks to Trey about the trip, and then Jess The Drug Overdose Girl shows up at his door to thank him with sex for not getting her arrested (I swear that last episode ended on a zipper pull noise); Boxing Summer tells Seth that they're on a time out anyway because she's so furious with him over the comic book party and tells him to have fun at Music Video Nation Spring Break in Miami because Seth kind of just skims over the part about his grandmother; Marissa says she'll check in on Trey while Ryan's gone and also help him find a job; and finally, Sandy's hyperworried about Kirsten being home alone because only the boys are going to Miami. Don't be silly, Sandy, she's an adult and everything's fine. The taxi drives off with the guys, Kirsten walks back into her desolate house, and after 10 seconds of that, calls the office to see if The Rocketeer is present. WELP.

We get a montage of transport to Miami set to a song that was already 7 years old when this episode first aired and the guys are staying at The Fontainbleau. That's the whole segment, just so we have a transition point to Kirsten arriving at the office to get all sorts of work done this weekend with The Rocketeer on the magazine. *I SWEAR* that Kirsten used to be a fairly successful real estate mogul at some point. Anyway, The Rocketeer announces that Newport Living Magazine has revived his editorial career, and so he's taking a new fancy job in New York City, and he's leaving on Monday. How about a farewell dinner at Kirsten's house?! What could POSSIBLY go wrong.

A new character enters the scene, Mikitaka Hazekura, voiced by Mr. Yasuyuki Kase. I find his deep voice perfectly fitting for the character. Since it takes quite a bit of time to draw all of his transformation sequences, I also helped supervise the painful process of length adjusting each scene to fit the episode.

This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.

The party moves to their rooms. Imogen asks Fearne and Chetney, who are taking first watch, to keep a close eye on FCG. Ashton tells FCG that if anyone makes FCG feel bad, Ashton will kill them. While the others sleep, Chetney shows Fearne the progress on the music box he's carving for her parents and asks if she has paint or ink to fill in the indentations, but Fearne doesn't. He tells her it's okay if she wants to tell them anything, and she produces a small grape-sized green gem that her nana told her was very important to give to her parents when she saw them because it would help them. It has grooves along the side that appear to be designed to carry some sort of enchantment. Chetney gives Fearne her hand-carved gift: a small wooden wolf.

The Bruised BluenanaSeasonEpisode114aBroadcast InformationAirdateJune 12, 2008Episode GuidePreviousNextThe Moldy TouchShnitzel and the Lead Farfel"The Bruised Bluenana" is the 27th episode of Season 1 of Chowder and the 27th episode of the series overall.

Chowder goes to Gazpacho's to get ingredients for Mung when Panini "fishes" him out to which he immediately remarks "I'm not your boyfriend". He runs away and falls into a pile of Bluenanas and Gazpacho screams and tells Chowder that he is bruising the Bluenanas. Chowder finds that one of the bluenanas has a big bruise and shows it to Gazpacho. He then calls the bluenana 'his little food baby' which gives Panini the opportunity to make Chowder help her heal it as there baby as husband and wife.

Chowder then asks Mung what he can do to get rid of Panini and Mung tells him he has to heal the bluenana as soon as possible. But when Chowder tries he bruises it even more. When Panini find out she jumps into Chowder's shirt so she can keep an eye on him. But when she tries to trick Chowder into kissing her, Chowder runs away to Gazpacho's stand and tells him about what has been happening and Gazpacho agrees to help Chowder get rid of Panini.

When Chowder finds Panini, he tells her he has found the bluenana's real mother who is really Gazpacho dresses up like a bluenana mother and tells Panini to give him the bluenana. She sees through this ruse and turns into her Black cat-like form and viciously attacks Gazpacho. Suddenly the real bluenana mother comes and takes her baby away, screaming and crying. Chowder then tells Panini "Bye", but then stops when Panini begins crying. Chowder begins to feel guilty then hugs her and runs away from her leaving Panini thinking that Chowder loves her.

The Summer! The Festival! Audrey!! (夏だ! 祭りだ! オードリー!!, "Natsu da! Matsuri da! Ōdorī!!"?) is the 27th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 269th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

Loved the first two DS9 Mirror episodes. After that, it became excessive (much like the Ferengi/Klingon episodes) but it was still better than most any Voyager episode. It was a minor flaw in an otherwise solid and amazing show. 041b061a72


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