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Guide To Play Soccer Handicap Betting

Handicap betting in soccer is perhaps already familiar to those who regularly engage in sports betting. However, this tool sometimes confuses newcomers because they don't know how to use it effectively. In the following article, Wintips will provide you with useful information win soccer tips about handicap betting.

What is Soccer Handicap Betting?

Soccer handicap betting, also known internationally as Running Ball, is considered a tool for players to bet more effectively. This type of bet allows bettors to participate in betting even while the match is still in progress on the field.

During a soccer match, handicaps are released by bookmakers after significant events such as yellow cards, red cards, free kicks, or goals scored. Each handicap is temporary and exists only for a short period, usually around 2 to 3 minutes.

Soccer handicap betting is time-sensitive, so players who want to participate must prepare and analyze the odds beforehand. After the bookmaker releases the handicap, bets must be placed quickly; otherwise, the betting order may be canceled. Additionally, bookmakers will continue to release new, enticing handicaps as long as the match is ongoing.

When to Engage in Soccer Handicap Betting?

Based on experience in sports betting, experts suggest participating in soccer handicap betting for mid-sized and small matches. These matches tend to have more fluctuations, with a higher number of handicaps released and more attractive rewards. However, it's also advisable to avoid U21 matches or friendly matches as they are difficult to predict.

In addition to choosing matches to bet on, the timing of placing bets is crucial. There are two time frames when players can gain an advantage and achieve the highest winning odds:

Early in the First Half:

If you want to receive the most attractive rewards from the bookmaker, the beginning of the first half is the ideal time to place your bets, especially for over/under bets. To gain an advantage, take the time to study and evaluate the two teams while promptly responding to any odds fluctuations.Once the referee's whistle signals the start of the match, observe all developments on the field to reassess and start betting around the 15th minute.

Late in the Second Half:

If the beginning of the first half is suitable for over/under betting, the end of the second half presents an opportunity for those who prefer handicap betting. By this time, the score is almost determined, with about 70% of the match elapsed, and players can also understand the playing style of both teams, making it easier to choose the betting side.Note that it's advisable to ignore handicaps that have been released by the bookmaker in the first half. Choosing handicaps that have just been released will more accurately reflect the match's developments, increasing the chances of winning.

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Guide to Playing Asian Handicap Betting in Football

When participating in football betting, Asian handicap betting can only be applied to Over/Under (O/U) and Handicap bets. This is considered an opportunity for players to quickly profit, as there is time to observe and evaluate the match in detail.

Basically, Asian handicap betting and Over/Under betting have the same rules and payout calculations as pre-match betting. The difference lies in that it calculates the result from the moment the bet is placed until the match ends. Let's look at an example of a past football match to understand it better.

In a match between teams A and B with a score of 1-0, if the bookmaker sets the Asian Handicap Over/Under line at 1.5, the result will be calculated as follows:

Betting Over: both teams must score at least 2 more goals (making a total of 3 goals in the match) for the player to win.

Betting Under: the match is allowed to have 1 more goal (making a total of 2 goals in the match) for the player to win.

In simpler terms, you don't need to care about how many goals have been scored in the match or what the previous results were. When the Asian handicap bet is offered by the bookmaker, the real battle begins, and all results are reset and recalculated from 0.

Winning Strategies for Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is considered to be an attractive and high-paying form of play by many. However, it is also quite difficult to predict and requires sharpness, the ability to follow, and grasp every development on the field. Because Asian handicap bets happen quite quickly, they can lead players to make emotional choices, but you can increase your chances of winning by following some strategies:

Experience betting on different types of Asian handicap bets: Since it can be applied to various types of bets, players need to understand each form before participating. Specifically:

For Over/Under betting: monitor fluctuations in the O/U odds and on-field developments. Consider betting Under for the second half if there's only 1 goal or fewer after the first 45 minutes. Conversely, if there's an early goal, the odds for Over will increase.

For corner kick bets: if there are corner kicks within the first 8 to 10 minutes of the match, the Over option is favorable, and vice versa.

For Handicap betting: the odds can be adjusted up and down significantly in the early minutes. Players need to watch for the lowest odds to optimize profits.

Bet at the right "golden moments": For those new to Asian handicap betting, the two best times to place bets are:

The first 10-15 minutes of the first half: this is when players can verify their pre-match assessments. Also, the bookmaker's payout ratio is still high, but the later you bet, the lower the payout.

The last 10-15 minutes of the match: in high-level matches, late goals often occur. This is when both teams push their formations higher to seek victory, increasing the likelihood of goals. So pay attention to the Over and Handicap options.

Some Notes When Participating in Asian Handicap Betting

While it's an attractive form of betting, Asian handicap betting still carries certain risks for players. Therefore, during participation, it's necessary to carefully analyze the odds and consider the following points:

Stay updated on Asian handicap odds to avoid missing opportunities, as they are only offered by bookmakers for a certain period.

Always analyze the odds and be ready to place bets as soon as the odds are released. The payout ratio for Asian handicap betting decreases over time, so the reward won't be as attractive if you join too late.

A single match can have multiple Asian handicap options, so use a small amount of money and allocate capital to more attractive choices. Additionally, since this form can fluctuate constantly, betting a small amount allows for easy adjustment of choices to better fit the on-field reality.


This article has provided you with sufficient knowledge and experience soccer tips website to conquer Asian handicap betting. If you understand and are confident in your betting skills, visit the bookmaker and start earning money right away.


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