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TheEraser Download For Windows 8.1 64bit Last Version

  • Paint.NET v3.10 Released: August 23rd, 2007This release adds two new effects originally written by David Issel ("BoltBait"), support for theDDS filetype originally written by Dean Ashton, as well as many small bug fixes and some visual fit and finish.New: Soften Portrait effect, by David Issel, .

  • New: Ink Sketch effect, by David Issel, .

  • New: DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file format support, by Dean Ashton, . Improved from the original source code by optimizing the DXT compression library ("Squish") to take advantage of multiple cores / processors.

  • New: "Paint.NET Search", available from the Help menu (shortcut key is Ctrl+E), allows you to search for Paint.NET help, forum posts, tutorials, plugins, and other related material: (Note: This feature is only available in English.)

  • Improved: Visual fit-and-finish for the Layers window.

  • Improved: Visual fit-and-finish for the close / 'X' button on image thumbnails.

  • Improved: Small (about 5-10%) performance improvements for some effects such as Oil Painting, Frosted Glass, and Gaussian Blur.

  • Improved: Increased max brush size to 500, as per forum members request.

  • Improved: Expanded list of available font sizes up through 288.

  • Changed: The keyboard shortcut key for the Color Picker is now 'k'. This makes it so that the toolbar option, "After click: Switch to previous tool", is not useless for those using the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed: In some cases, undoing an action that removed a layer would result in the un-removed layer not showing up until you resized the Layers window ("ghost layers").

  • Fixed: Pressing F1 from the main window no longer launches the online help in two browser tabs.

  • Fixed: Adding a new layer now adds it above the currently active layer, instead of at the very top of the layer list.

  • Fixed: Merge Down now activates the merged layer instead of the one above it.

  • Fixed: In Vista, clicking on a URL link from the installer will no longer launch the web browser with inherited, elevated privileges.

  • Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+[ no longer cancels out of drawing a line/curve, but instead decreases the brush size by 5 as expected.

  • Fixed: Ctrl+clicking on the brush size +/- buttons now changes the brush size in increments of 5.

  • Fixed: Save Configuration dialog would "creep downward" from its last position every time it was opened again.

  • Fixed: TGA codec now saves the # of alpha bits to the image descriptor byte. This was causing some other applications to load TGA files saved with Paint.NET as solid black images.

  • Fixed: Clicking the 'X' to close the Layer Properties dialog was not reverting changes made to the layer while the dialog was open.

  • Fixed: Installation will not proceed unless Paint.NET is closed, and will also not allow Paint.NET to be opened until installation is completed. This helps to ensure a fully coherent and complete installation or update.

  • Fixed: If a file failed to open, and there were no open images, and the user pressed either the Zoom In or Zoom Out toolbar buttons, then Paint.NET would crash.

  • Fixed: In Vista, it was possible to crash the Save As dialog by typing a filename that was too long.

  • Fixed: In Vista, it was possible to crash the updater if you let the UAC prompt time-out.

  • Fixed: It was possible to crash Paint.NET on some systems by clicking on a tool in the Tools window while the "Save As" dialog was open.

  • v3.08 Released: June 1st, 2007This is mostly a service release that fixes some bugs, while also improving keyboard / accessibility cues for some dialogs.Fixed: Pasting an image from Office 2003 applications now works (e.g. Excel 2003 graphs).

  • Fixed: Some dialogs were not indicating which command button was the default. These buttons now have a highlight to indicate which one will be activated if the user presses Enter or Space.

  • Fixed: Some minor keyboard navigation issues with task dialogs

  • Fixed: Performance issue with the File->Acquire submenu taking a long time to appear

  • Fixed: Window activation issue when the Print wizard was finished / closed

  • Fixed: Crash when there was 1 image open and the user pressed Ctrl+Q and then Ctrl+W

  • Fixed: Minor performance issue if the user had 1 modified image open and then canceled the "Save changes?" dialog

  • Fixed: Misbehaving filetype factory implementations (plugins) will no longer cause a crash

  • v3.07 Released: May 8th, 2007This update enhances the Line/Curve tool, significantly reduces the download size, and fixes some bugs related to opening and saving files in Windows Vista.New: Line/Curve tool has been enhanced to allow drawing arrowheads, and to draw with various dashed- and dotted- styles.

  • New: Image tab thumbnails now have an indicator if the respective image has unsaved changes (an orange asterisk is shown).

  • Improved: The Save Configuration dialog (choose JPEG quality, etc.) now allows you to maximize it. It also remembers its relative location and size.

  • Changed: The help file / documentation is now hosted online. This has reduced the download size by more than 3 MB, and will also allow us to provide translations without ballooning the size of the download (each language would have added between 2 and 4MB).

  • Changed: The "image list button" (downward triangle) is also shown when only 1 image is open (it used to only display if 2 or more images were open). This is being done for the sake of consistency.

  • Fixed: Some operations would reset the selected layer to the first/lowest layer. This selection is now preserved.

  • Fixed: The Image->Rotate commands no longer hang if a selection was active.

  • Fixed: Several problems have been fixed within our implementation surrounding the new Vista Open/Save dialogs. This includes: opening an image from an http:// source, opening images from a digital camera that is not mapped to a file system path (such as a drive letter), the Save dialog not always prompting you about overwriting an existing file, and many corner cases that previously caused crashes.

  • v3.05 Released: March 29th, 2007This is a minor update that adds a new effect, improves certain parts of the user interface, and fixes a few minor bugs.New: Pencil Sketch effect

  • New: In Windows Vista, the new-style Save/Open dialogs are used. Among other things, this enables Search functionality.

  • Changed: The View->Units, Image->Flip, Image->Rotate, and Layers->Flip submenus have been "flattened" (their commands were moved out into the View, Image, Image, and Layers menus respectively)

  • Improved: Download size reduced by about 300 KB by using PNGOUT

  • Improved: Some uses of confusing "MessageBox" style dialogs have been changed to a much friendlier "TaskDialog" style interface

  • Improved: When changing the language, Paint.NET can now restart itself automatically

  • Improved: Better performance for Move Selected Pixels tool for quad-core systems. This issue is documented and explained here, -net-many-core-performance-scaling-analyzed.aspx

  • Removed: The "Clear History" button has been removed because it was not very useful

  • Fixed: Sometimes the Colors window would get "lost" between sessions of Paint.NET

  • Fixed: Stack-overflow crash when using certain effects, such as Gaussian Blur, on very large images with certain settings (such as a 200 pixel radius)

  • Fixed: When cancelling the multi-image Unsaved Changes dialog, the input focus was sometimes confused

  • Changed: Renamed PdnLib.dll to PaintDotNet.Core.dll

  • Fixed: Very rare race condition in background thumbnail renderer

v3.01 Released: February 26th, 2007 -DownloadThis is a small update that fixes a few bugs that have been found since 3.0 was released.

TheEraser download for windows 8.1 64bit last version


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