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Ezp2010 Software

select the data you want to save. now you can close the software and disconnect your usb port. to learn more about this software, please contact us. to make the software work, you have to have the following operating systems: windows xp/vista/7/8/10.

ezp2010 software


  • at the time of downloading the software you need to select the flash chip that the software is compatible with, ezp2010 software can read and write to the following flash chips flash eeprom

  • spi flash

  • avr

  • msp430

  • microcontroller

  • cps

  • qfp64

  • xmega

  • microcontroller

  • qfp256

  • xmega

the flash chip is connected to the programmer via spi interface. the programmer needs a driver and software to be able to communicate with the flash chip. the driver is provided by the manufacturer of the programmer. but the software is not provided by the manufacturer, hence the software needs to be downloaded and used.

once you have downloaded the software you can test the software on a computer. the software needs to be configured before it will be used. the programmer comes with a configuration file that you need to configure. you will need to add the flash chip you want to use, select the eeprom type, the number of program and erase steps and the number of bytes to be programmed and erased. you can configure these parameters in the configuration file. once you have configured the software you can run it.

when you run the software it will be able to read and write to the flash chip that you selected in the configuration file. if you have configured the software for spi flash, you will be able to use the flash chip as you would a standard flash chip.


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