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Buy Paper Flower Bouquet

Select "add a personalized gift message" to any bouquet, and for an additional $5 we will print your personal note on a matching card and tuck it in the bouquet. Let us ship it directly to your recipient!

buy paper flower bouquet


Great Lasting Alternative we are all so happy to get fresh cut flowers and so sad to see them fade sooner or later. in this case - the joy, beauty and great look LASTS FOREVER!!! Thanks, I think that is a great idea :)

The Paper Flower Market is a boutique selling paper bridal bouquets, custom arrangements, and gifts of the highest paper quality and visual aesthetic. We provide brides and gift seekers with everlasting blooms in a magnificently realistic fashion and stunning composition that can be showcased forever.

There are many different types of paper flower bouquet sold by sellers on Etsy. Some of the popular paper flower bouquet available on Etsy include: paper flower bouquet svg, paper flower bouquet template, paper flower bouquet vase, paper flower, and even paper flower bouquet wedding.

The Paper Petals Co. is a handcrafted paper florist studio located in Huntsville, Alabama. Recognized as the original paper flower company to bring this distinctive art style to Alabama, our craft is in creating unique bouquets for special occasions, gifts, and home decor. Beyond just creating, we teach others how to make their own paper flowers through our take home craft kits.

"Paper flowers are such a unique, sentimental gift. Flowers always brighten someone's day but when you buy them paper flowers you're buying them something that will brighten their days for months and years to come!"

"They have the most wonderfully crafted paper flower bouquets! I've received compliment after complement for the paper flowers I've sent friends and loved ones. Even better is the story behind the business. We're very fortunate to have them in Huntsville"

"The quality of work is unlike anything I've seen in paper flowers. You can tell not only by talking to her but by her attention to detail she is doing what she loves. The flowers are vibrant, well-constructed, and one of a kind."

Family drew her back to the mitten, and now Liz uses her background in floral design and her artistic eye to design life-like paper flowers and botanicals. Her paper flowers have been featured in Brides, Florists Review, Green Wedding Shoes and Metro Detroit Weddings.

"I could not be more satisfied with these flowers! The seller was lovely to work with and was more than willing to make some late changes when our bridal party grew. The flowers were well shipped and carefully packaged. I cannot say enough good things!"

A husband and wife team working out of our home on the central coast of California. Our business began in 2009 making flowers for a summer wedding in Michigan. In 2011 we became a full-time team, working tirelessly to grow our business on Etsy.Over 10 years we have had the pleasure to work with Nordstroms, Target, TedTalk, Make A Wish foundation, Warner Brothers and the David Tutera Celebrations TV show!

Step 1. Download your flower patterns into your cutting machine software, load your paper into your cutting machine and cut out your flower pieces using a craft cutter. If you do not have a craft cutter, you can save the patterns as a PDF, print them onto your paper, then cut with scissors.

Step 4. Attach the wired wood sticks to your assembled flowers. Cut a 1-inch piece of paper and set aside. Put a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom of the flower and press the wire on the wood stick into the glue. While the glue is still hot, place the 1-inch piece of paper over the wire and into the glue to help secure the wired wood stick to the flower.

Perfect for the bookworm in your life, our book page paper flowers bring subtlety and beauty to any space. Made into lovingly handcrafted paper flowers, we turn well-loved, discarded books into works of art.

When it comes to paper crafting choosing the right type and quality of paper can make or break the success, and even beauty, of your creative vision. This is even more true with paper flowers. Today I am revealing the best paper for paper flowers. This list also applies to most paper crafts in general, especially if you are using a cutting machine like Cricut!

The best paper for paper flowers is solid core 65-80 pound medium weight cardstock or 176-225 grams. 65-80-pound cardstock is the most popular because it will allow for flexibility in shaping your paper while providing enough stiffness to retain the result of your paper crafts, like paper flowers. Medium weight cardstock also cuts the best on cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette.

Generally, I only use 1-2 sheets of 8.5 x 11-inch cardstock for most of my small flower designs. If the flower requires more than 1 color of paper, then this may change to 2-4 sheets of cardstock per small flower. There are only a few exceptions to this, such as my Autumn Sunburst Dahlia, which is slightly larger in size and takes about 6 sheets of cardstock.

A secondary option for crepe paper is Just Artifacts. They sell on Amazon and offer plenty of color choices. When you need to cash in on that 2-day Prime shipping for speedy delivery, they are an excellent choice! Plus, they released a metallic crepe paper, which I am eager to try!

To make this jar, I used my Cricut and cardstock to cut out a cute mason jar. I traced it onto some MDF, and then used my scroll saw to cut it out. Once I had it cut, I painted it white. I also painted the sides of the wood blog to be brown, matching the wood grain paper.

Cut and shape some wire pieces to be the length you need for your flowers. Attach them to your wood block. I just used hot glue to attach them. I used a teeny tiny bit at the bottom, since the glue shows there, and then at the top I added a little more, since the flowers would be covering the glue there.

Over the next few weeks, we will do a separate post with a video for each flower kit. I will also be doing some live teaching segments. So stay tuned because we have a lot of exciting things to show you!

We would love to see what you end up making from our new selection of frosted paper flower kits. You can always message us on Instagram or Facebook with pictures and tell us how your flower-making experience went. You can also post your pictures and use the hashtag #MadeWithLia so others in the crafting community can see your beautiful creations.

For more DIY inspiration, make sure to browse our projects on Pinterest. We also have video tutorials on how to make paper flowers and other fun DIY craft projects on our YouTube channel. If you want to start making more of our projects and get connected to other makers, take a look at our membership options.

1. For the peonies, open Design ID #289155 in Silhouette Studio. Cut the flower petals out of one color, the center pieces in another, and the leaves in green. We cut out enough for 7 flowers total in varying warm colors and with slight size variation.

7. For the dogwood flowers, curl the petals with your scissors, some curling up and others down. Layer two flowers over another and glue together. Layer the small and large centers and glue together. Glue the center to the middle of the flower. Glue wire stems to the base of the flowers.

Tissue paper flowers can be very versatile and create a fun, colorful impact on your decor.Here are a few more tissue paper flower tutorials that might interest you:Tissue Paper Flower Inspiration and TutorialsDIY Tissue Paper Flower WallHanging Tissue Paper Flowers TutorialTissue Paper Flower Bouquet TutorialIn the video we walk you through:

So easy! You can use these basic bouquet instructions to make a number of different style bouquets.Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet inspirationAre you curious what can be achieved with tissue paper flowers?

Though they may lack the rustic charm of a set of roses, a bouquet of paper flowers gets much of the same feeling of warmth and admiration across. Paper flowers never wilt or die, and the obvious time you'll have put into making them for someone special will not go unnoticed. There are many different methods to go about making a set of paper flowers and an appropriate vase, and the occasions and results are often as varied as the people making them. All the same, there are some solid basics you should consider when it comes to making a paper flower bouquet of your own.

3. Stack tissue squares together and starting from the bottom, fold accordion-style. The folds should be around 1/2 an inch. The smaller your flowers are, the more you will able to fit in your bouquet.

4. Wrap a piece pipe cleaner around the center and tie in the middle. Twist and secure to ensure that tissue will stay held together. You can leave the edges as is, square, or trim them to create different flower styles. Rounding the edges will form pedals while using the scissors to cut 1 inch slits will make a fringe.

5. Carefully unfold each side of the flower and separate the layers of tissue paper. Fluff the petals as you go but be careful not to cause any rips or tears. Add gems in the centers for a touch of spring sparkle.

Give the paper flowers life and character by shaping the leaves. Let some of the flower buds be closed and bend the stems so every single flower will have its own unique expression. Feel free to mix with dried flowers and update the combinations throughout the seasons or for events and you can easily store them for later use.

In our 6 infinity bouquets, we have a blend of our different paper flowers. Here you will find flowers such as African lilies, peonies, palm leaves, poppies, and dahlias in a variety of colours. Go explore among our bouquets and order a bouquet for your dears - or yourself (remember to spoil yourself now and then).

The flowers are designed in a collaboration with influencer and designer Kristina Sørensen from Labdecor. Besides having the bouquet in a vase, you may also use the flowers for other creative decorative solutions for your interior. They can be used as a part of table settings, tied around napkins, or make a beautiful wreath for your hair or the wall. You can also make a backdrop with flowers for your next party or gathering within the walls of your home. 041b061a72


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