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How to stay motivated yourself during Lock-down

If you are Entrepreneur, sole proprietor, freelancer, independent Consultant who primarily works alone, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is to stay motivated. That’s because you’re not getting and meeting most of your Customers personally. However, in order not to fall in to trap of Isolation few things are important

• Cool yours and your employee’s mood ( If you run small Biz) - Adopt calm approach. A motivated employer will remain calm, communicating a clear plan for forwarding momentum, even as they acknowledge changes to business environment will be more productive for his business.

• Make Safety a Priority - Employers need to ensure that not only are work places in compliance with statuary guidelines provided by Govt. Because, productivity goes down when person feel that he is not safe. • Pay Attention - Strong systems, processes and Activity, planning and Review mechanism will reduce dependency on person and Company will be more process oriented. • Change activities-Starting the day with a schedule with breaking project down into small, manageable tasks. Take the opportunity to have workers go through their files, clean their desktops or emails, along with other spring-cleaning tasks. This move will allow employees to feel and be productive despite the challenging times & the company to start on the right stage when restrictions will be withdrawn. • Invest in Self Development- This is the perfect time for anyone to invest in professional and business development for yourself as well as for your employees. Providing professional development opportunities for staff reminds them that there will be a future for them in the company. • Set up a competition with yourself - Set SMART Goals and try to finish them as per time lines. Monitor daily activities and see the progress. • Keep moving - Don’t loose hope. Life would be better always. • Personal front- Taking breaks - Exercising – Fitness - Eating right - Staying on a regular sleep schedule - Staying connected with friends - Reaching out for help if someone need it #Leadership #Youngmanagers #Training #HR #Sales #manager #Selfemployed #Corporate #Corona #Covid #msme

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