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How to work effectively from Home

The work culture is changing rapidly on a global front. Remote working or so-called work from home will require structure and predictability at the same time it demand patience and flexibility from all the stake holders. This creates particular challenges for managers, who suddenly find themselves called upon to lead in extraordinary circumstances. They will have to quickly adapt their habits and behaviors to make sure their teams feel connected and supported. Still most of the business operations are dependent on face-to-face interaction. Due to forced social distancing, business leaders everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to effectively manage newly their teams and ensure that teams are still productive.

Isolation and loneliness are real problems for remote workers and teams. As a leader, you need to make sure that people still feel the social connections that come with a work environment. Well-structured meetings and follow-ups are critical to helping people stay productive. Teamwork, trust, good work relationships and personal interaction can and should be maintained in a digital form. We can still hold virtual lunch and some team building activity. A quick call (during working hours) is sometimes the fastest way to work through a one-to-one or small group issue. #Virtualoffice #WorkfromHome

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