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Top Selling Skills

What does it take to be a top performer in sales? Are some people born sales professionals? Why are some Salesmen much better than others? Selling skills make a huge difference, and they can be learned.

Some basic set of selling skills that will help you become a top performer.

1. Driving and winning sales opportunities

2. Core consultative selling

3. Filling the pipeline

4. Driving account growth

5. Developing executive relationships

6. Managing time, focus, and personal effectiveness

7. Advanced consultative selling

8. Managing and coaching Salesmen

9. Sales negotiation

These skills roughly fall into 5 distinct categories:

1. Filling the Pipeline: One of the most common areas of stress in a sales organization is generating new opportunities. Even now in the age of inbound marketing, most Salesmen are expected to prospect and generate a certain amount of their own leads in order to succeed. Filling the pipeline represents one of the largest skill gaps between Elite Performers and The Rest.

2. Driving and Winning Sales Opportunities: This area includes both the strategy and understanding of how to win sales opportunities, and the skills needed to do so. Salesmen need to be able to sell if they want to succeed. Seems obvious, but many Salesmen don't have these skills, including the negotiation skills necessary to bring major opportunities across the finish line.

3. Consultative Selling: Nearly two-thirds of Top Performers have core consultative selling skills compared to less than half of the rest, and nearly half of Top Performers have advanced consultative selling skills compared to less than one-third of The Rest. Consultative selling has changed more in the last 5 years than it had in the previous 30. You need to keep up if you want to survive and thrive in today's sales world.

4.Key Account Management: Most companies agree there is significant opportunity to grow existing accounts. Efforts are getting repeat purchase from existing customer is lot easier then build new clients.

5.Sales Knowledge: You can't sell what you don't know. Salesmen need to know their offerings, customers and their context and needs, competitors, the marketplace and industry trends, and much more to be successful.

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