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Why Business owners, Corporate professional and Entrepreneurs must follow fitness regime

As the world moves faster by the day and competition is soaring high in every field of work, we might often find ourselves in a stressed environment and a little more anxious day by day. With tight work schedules and targets, deadlines, individuals have now begun to put in extra hours of work which is not only taking a toll on their mental health, as well as their physical well-being. With a competitive world like the one we live in today, keeping up with deadlines and managing day-to-day stress has now begun to seem next to impossible for many Business owners and Entrepreneurs. Struggling between work and personal life is now harder than ever. Therefore, regular exercise can help entrepreneurs remain sanguine in difficult situations, tackle challenges and become better leaders. Exercise keeps person fitness in a better shape.

“Fitness” is commonly used to describe physical readiness and ability. Some entrepreneurs, though successful, remain in poor fitness & health for prolonged periods. Data says, most successful leaders are not only physically fit but also adhere to a routine that allows them to remain in good physical health. Good leaders often don’t smoke and don’t drink in excess either. Most of the upscale gyms in large Indian cities are patronized by successful leaders; many of whom adhere to a strict fitness routine.

There are many reasons why a fit leader is much better than the unfit one. A few such reasons are below:

  • A fit leader today is one who exercises regularly as doing so generates energy that can be expended throughout the workday.

  • To be a successful entrepreneur, one must have energy and certainly, there's no better way to generate extra energy than by following a fitness regime. Being fit allows one to face the challenges of a day head on and allows one to thrive in a competitive business climate.

  • Fit people also look better than those who are unfit, which naturally translates into such leaders possessing greater confidence which is essential for success.

  • With extremely erratic work schedules, keeping track of the food and calorie intake has become next to impossible for individuals. Furthermore, habits such as working till late in the night and waking up in the wee hours of the morning to get work done on time are leading to a sleep deficit in a number of people today.

  • Better fitness regime helps improve long chronic sleep disorders for Corporate professionals as I myself struggle with the number of years during my corporate career. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep decreases the quality of life, affects socializing, impair memory and decrease overall performance and mental awareness.

  • Obesity is and has been a growing problem for some time now, courtesy an increase in fast food chains, over-exhausting work hours, and dangerously low activity levels. Regular exercise helps to control your metabolism, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc.

  • Create systems for yourself and for your employees the Workplace Workouts. With health and fitness awareness now doing the rounds, we tend to constantly hear about how one should introduce some form of physical activity for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily. But not many are able to spare the time to do so.

I recently attended Fitness & health the program conducted by Dr Jinendra Jain who runs the Organization " Sole temple " in his “SHATAWASHYAK AROGYASHALA” where we learn the healthy way of living. He taught us how to keep your mind, Body and soul unified. It helped me a lot.

Studies also show that people can also increase their creativity by doing only moderate amounts of exercise every day. Hence those who are fit and take care of their health will find that they can tap into their creative side more easily than others. Being more creative and being able to learn new skills easier than others usually translates into greater self-confidence, which is essential to entrepreneurs who must lead a team.

Dr. Praveen Srivastava, The Profit Coach & Management Consultant

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