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Willpower – The Secret of success

There is a very thin line between success and failure, and that line is essentially willpower. Willpower gives the strength to overcome the negative traits and impulses such as inaction, laziness, procrastination, and temptations. A strong willpower required to boost in order to be successful.

Normally willpower must be inculcated during childhood by parents as well as in the Schools. However, it can be enhanced at any point of time/phase in our lives. Sometimes in our lives some tragedies occur which may shake our roots, and most of the time happens that person never comes back to original state i.e. pre-status to the tragedy.

However, if we know how to overcome the pain and tragedy, We can surely win over and achieve greater heights of success. Overcome fear is the only remedy, if we acknowledge this truth, then we can develop a habit of developing the willpower. When this attitude is developed then our mind and thinking is ready to take on any stress. In other words, thoughts and emotions will unite in order to enable us to do the best expected of us by ourselves.

The other very important aspect is cultivating the power of conviction, i.e. believe in yourself and avoid condition of always have doubts. Secondly, the power of concentration that also plays a very important role. Which can be improved by the simplest way to pour your mind into whatever work you are doing and you believe that is right. Lastly, we must not take our failures too seriously as only human commit mistakes. Instead, learn from mistakes and move forward. Failure must be accepted as a part of the whole game, as a stepping stone to achieve success

Tips to improve Willpower

· Self-control

· Pursue your Goals and revisit the progress

· Follow your passion

· Keep moving

· Be ruthlessly self-discipline

· Meditation

Dr Praveen Srivastava , Business Coach & Management Consultant

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