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Training Program

(I) How to grow your Business and double the profitability

Are you struggling with following issues ?

How can I grow my Business.
How can I make my Business work
How hard is to start a successful Business
How can I make my Business successful
How to scale up our Business
What are the techniques used in Corporate
How do I manage my staff and Team so that I will have time for my family and myself.
How do I market my products or services
What are the techniques used by Corporate Mangers to become successful in Business.
Business is not growing
Employees are de-motivated
You are doing everyday fire-fighting
Payments do not come on time
Your company is not able to grow the Sales.
Your team is not performing as per the expectations

Please join my signature programs as below : 

(A) How to grow your business and double the profitability

Workshop will cover :
1- Steps towards achieving right strategy towards your Company.
2- Complete process for Idea to business model
3- Business plan, Marketing plan, Financial plan, MIS & PPC
4- Understanding of How Business , Finance , Sales works
5- Important Business tools every Business-owner need to know
6- How to improve productivity & reduce wastage in Mfg
7-Delegation & Managing your time for Business and family 
8-How to grow Services Business
9- Hiring the best & Keeping the best
10- How to Build organisation
11- Handling of Employees
12- Dealing with Crises
13- How to double the profit
14- How to put your company in Autopilot
15- Improve your personal productivity  

(I) Sales Leadership Training

Enhancing selling skills and sales team performance

What will the workshop cover?
1. Sales & Art of selling
2. Sales technique
3. Articulate benefit and not value of the product or the services
4. Prospecting
5. Lead and manage execution of sales plan
6. How to handle objection
7. Art of closing the sale
8. Train and develop sales Team
9. Build engagement and boost sales
10. Clearly communicate performance expectation to the team
11. Sales quota and Sales Target
12. Common errors to be avoided in a sale
13. Guru mantra for Sales

Who should attend?
• SMEs Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs/Start-up / Women Entrepreneur
• Sales professionals belong to middle & Senior Management level. Those who inspire to become Sales Head in near future.
• MDs/ CEOs/ National Sales Head can direct their Team for this training if they want to improve performance of their Sales Team.
For more Information & Registration : Please visit:
Please whatsapp: 9971377544

“If you, your Team or your Company is struggling to achieve Sales targets then please join above workshop “
Sales is one place where money & profit is being produced for your Business

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