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Does your business have credibility?

Building credibility is an essential component of keeping clients. When you establish credibility, your clients, customers, and peers respect you, vouch for you, and continue to use your business because they feel connected to what you say, do, and stand for. Trust is crucial for business. It is the glue that binds companies to their customers and to the communities where they operate. Customers are more likely to buy products from a company they trust and citizens are more likely to support business operations within their community if they trust the company. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your business does have credibility such as :

1. Keep Things Consistent

With many things in business, consistency is key. Your product or services ,business’s philosophy should be consistent. Your punch line, Logo etc. be consistent. Your tone must be consistent.

2. Showcase Achievements

As a commercial enterprise owner, you’re going to revel in small (and big) “wins” alongside the way. From serving your first patron to triumphing an award, you want to have a good time and understand your achievements. If you need to construct your credibility, exhibit your wins.

3. Use Testimonials To Your Advantage

One of the perfect methods to construct your commercial enterprise’s credibility is to apply your clients’ phrases( Testimonials) on your advantage. And if clients are leaving your commercial enterprise a few strong reviews, don’t sleep on them also.

4. Offer The Best of the Best

If you want to build up your business’s credibility over time, you have to develop and offer the best of the best (e.g., top-tier products or services). No business can build up their credibility with weak products or services and negative customer reviews

5. Build trust

Create relationships that are mutually beneficial. Customers, coworkers and employees all want to believe that they are making the right decision to work with you. This takes a lot more than cliches and platitudes. Customers should clearly understand the value of your products and services to them. Likewise, employees should feel good about taking ownership, which introduces an added measure of accountability and demonstrates the level of trust you have in them.

6. Establish credibility in your brand

In the age of the trust economy, credibility has become everything. That includes your personal credibility, the credibility of your brand, your business, your products and services and of everything else you do.

The high-quality manner to supply consider is to marvel and pride customers and clients. Give them what they requested for, however on pinnacle of that, supply greater - - greater service, greater time, greater comfort and greater sensitivity.

Dr Praveen Srivastava, Business Coach & Management Consultant

Recipient of Philip Kotler excellence award in the area of Consulting and Training

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