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First Time Manager & Making the transition from Campus to Corporate

“In the organization you are not chosen for a managerial position because of your technical or management knowledge. You are chosen because someone at the top has seen the spark of Leadership in your eyes. That spark you must continue to develop.”

Leadership is all about self-confidence, knowledge, your personality, problem solving skills, how you manage a team and many more.

As per the report, India produces every year app. 4 lacs management Graduates out of them many are being inducted as Trainee/ First time managers in Corporate . These Management graduates after 1~2 years of working experience being promoted into management roles each year. The transition from successful employee to successful manager or directly moving from Institute (Campus) to Corporate is a difficult one. Study says that most of the time the first-time managers fail because the skill set required for the job needs to be sharpened .

Our First-time Manager program/ Campus to Corporate program sets fresh managers and freshers up for success by providing them with the training and skills needed to make a smooth transition.

Who are First Time Managers & Individual moving from Campus to Corporate:

First time managers are the entry level of management, the individuals “in the front line”. They are directly responsible for making sure that organizational objectives and plans are implemented & executed effectively.

First time managers need to develop various skill sets such as Goal setting, communication, prioritization, delegation, time management, personal productivity, Etiquette, stress Management and motivation.

What company expects from First Time Managers & Freshers who join Corporate first time:

  • Make a big picture of organization

  • Make your own decisions

  • Implement programs and methods

  • Be attentive

  • Be honest & loyal to the organization

  • Organizations want to hire smart people who can share their work. Not the one who requires continuous monitoring which doubles their work.

  • Be hardworking, disciplined & good learner

Tips for First Time Managers

  • Know your Boss expectation from you.

  • How your Boss wants to involve in the decision making

  • How you should keep your Boss in the loop.

  • Remember, it’s your Boss who decides your fate not you decide your fate in Corporate.

  • Make your Boss winner in the eyes of others. He will then make you a winner.

  • Rely on data and facts

  • Once you promote to the next level and you have a team to lead. Don't be in the hurry. First week just observe and understand who is who.

  • First 4~6 weeks avoid any serious actions until its urgent

  • Do not change things immediately

Why should we train first time managers?

A great start makes all the difference. New managers who receive the necessary inputs, skills, and training, right from the day one is bound to become effective leaders, are productive and drive greater results for your organization.

Few Suggestions :

  • Managing Yourself

Before you step into your new office, make sure that you start your new control process with the aid of using coping with yourself. Accept that you still have a lot to learn. Management is a skill that takes years to perfect. Don't expect that you will be perfect right from the start. However, as you exercise your skills and work with your employees, you will continue to learn and grow as manager.

  • Have patience

Understand that you will make errors, have setbacks, and there could be horrific days. Learn out of your mistakes and allow yourself to move from the past. Some managers reside on what they did incorrect or what they do not know. Accept which you do not know the whole thing and are nonetheless learning. As you grow in your position, you'll have more experience and greater skill moving forward.

Overall, First Time Managers training program boosts the confidence of the fresher’s/Young Managers working in Corporate and provides them various Management tools to ensure that they do succeed in their career.


Who can attend: Young MBA/PGDM/Engineering Graduates/Working Corporate professional aspiring to have a Leadership role

Dr Praveen Srivastava, Business Coach & Management Consultant

Recipient of Philip Kotler excellence award in the area of Consulting and Training

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