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How to become a better Boss

“Studies show that nearly half of managers don’t receive any training when they move into a new leadership role. ”

A Great boss is someone who inspires their employees to be their best in their work & performance. They should be able to identify employees' best qualities and cultivate them to the next level. In a way to become best Boss you need to be mentor instead of task master for your Team. Great bosses inspire their employees to perform well and be loyal to their organization. These qualities play a tremendous role in the long-term for growth of any organisation.

Few Suggestions & Rules:

Rule no 1 - Find ways to motivate your people.

Set high standards for communication, productivity, and professionalism throughout your organization. However, you will the first who need to follow this as you are being judged by your subordinates. They will accept and respect when you do what you preach.

Rule no. 2 - Connects Vision to Daily Tasks

Great bosses demonstrate how employee tasks support what the organization is trying to achieve. Give them training on Activity, planning & review and time management.

Rule no 3 - Communicate clearly & ensure that message goes down the line

Employees expect their manager's honest assessment of their performance without any politics therefore you need to provide regular feedback. Excellent managers must thoroughly understand their organizations and accurately assess progress. During feedback discussion highlight what is working and what is not working and accordingly communicate. Employees need constant feedback on how well they are meeting expectations or not. Help them to understand when they are doing a good job and communicate when they are not meeting requirements.

Rule no 4 - Develop employees and convey their career growth plan in the company

Set up your employees for success, not for failure. Provide them with the tools and training they need to reach their full potential, and to meet and exceed the standards you have set. Great Bosses encourage their subordinates to identify their strengths and what motivates them. To be a better boss, develop your replacement without any insecurities. Bosses should think about succession that means constantly thinking about the skills, capabilities, and experiences needed to fulfill goals and drive results long after you and other executives are promoted to next level.

Rule no. 5 - Delegate whenever you can.

Delegation is an important quality of a leader or team-manager. Its not only saves the time, but also increases the morale, confidence, and productivity of subordinates. However, Leaders need to delegate tasks appropriately and look for opportunities to maximize each employee's strengths.

Rule no. 6 - Create an environment of partnerships with your team

Leaders must care about the Employee as a Person. Employees want to feel like they are cared about on a personal level. A great boss must spend time to ask about an employee’s personal life and what they do when they are not at work. This has positive impact on them and they not only feel elevated but also become loyal to their Seniors. Make your employees feel like they are a part of something special and that their efforts are truly appreciated and acknowledged in the company. Involve them directly in the success of the organization.

Rule no 7 - Acknowledge them publicly for their performance.

Employee recognition is a method of support that helps employees know their contributions are recognized and appreciated. Every employee wants to know how they are doing, and recognizing employees demonstrates what success looks like. Finally, Employee recognition helps to:

• Retain top talent • Increase employee engagement • Encourage high performance

Rule no 8 - Build trust.

Learn to trust your employees. To establish trust, create a safe, positive working environment with open, honest, two-way communication. Trust that your employees will meet or exceed organizational goals when working in a productive, safe, and supportive environment. Hold team leaders accountable for building trust with and between their team members. Teach them well and hold them accountable to the same standards you hold yourself. Teach your teams how to talk, debate and decide. Instead of demanding easy consensus, teach your team members how to discuss alternative ideas and approaches in pursuit of the best approach.

Rule no 9 - Make Workplace Fun and Enjoyable

Happy employees are healthier and more productive. Investing time and effort into making your workplace a more enjoyable place to be can have tangible positive benefits for employees, teams, and for your wider organization, especially If you want your team to stay motivated and refreshed, you should be encouraging them to take regular breaks and often organize picnics, family get together & simple parties etc.

Rule no. 10 – Being generous Boss

A leader who is generous with information, power, and well-deserved compliments empowers workers. This helps motivate them to do more for the organization and for each other. Generous leadership inspires generosity in your team, so everyone gives their personal best.

Dr Praveen Srivastava, Business & Leadership Coach, M

anagement Consultant

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