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Mid-life Crisis & Mid-life Career

With the current pandemic, job safety has come into question. Whether you had been making plans to change your profession earlier or due to the lockdown, it's nonetheless a purpose for stress. It became more painful as changes always bring more stress specially when changing careers. It is one such point that calls for one who is at cross road of his/her career and strives to achieve right path.

Mid-life and mid-career crisis seems to go hand in hand. Many people will eventually arrive at the moment when they’ll have to process a considerable amount of decisions they’ve made throughout their lives.

Just like a mid-life crisis, a mid-career crisis is defined by a sensation of feeling stuck, specifically in your career. People going through a rougher patch in their professional development will commonly perceive a lack of growth and opportunities in their current work environment.

Conventional wisdom says that workers suffering a mid-career crisis are often bored and should look for opportunities to advance, to take on new roles and to mentor. Historically, advancement or a change in roles has meant leaving one company for another. However, in the current scenario when economy is under pressure, organizations are looking for ways to retain high performers and keep the institutional knowledge and experience of employees inside the company at the same time getting rid of expensive and underperforming staff.

Here are a few of the most common signs that typically signal the onset of mid-career malaise:

· You’re an objectively successful professional, yet you’re not satisfied - JOB DISSATISFACTION

· You often downplay your skills, knowledge and competence – UNDER ACHIEVER

· You’re apathetic towards your work and often disinterested in achieving greater results - HALFHEARTED

· You’re not enthusiastic about going to work - UNENTHUSIASTIC

· You’re impatient, defensive and disgruntled - AGITATED

Six easy ways to deal with a mid-career crisis

· Recharging and rejuvenating. Consider taking some time off.

· Introspection. Sit down and look back, reflect.

· Finding meaning in your job. Take a hard look at your life and career.

· Setting targets.

· Doing something new.

· Being ready to take hard decisions & MANY MORE….


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