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Resilience in our System

We use to talk quite often about VUCA world, but no one at that point of time really understood, how it looks like till COVID pandemic entered into our home. In front of our eye’s things have changed within a span of 2-3 months. All our life, we were talking about productivity JIT, optimum supply chain, etc. It appears all that fundamentals of modern management have failed having this VUCA situation in the World. There is a need to redefine Manufacturing resilience which has the ability to manufacture a constant quality at reasonable costs and production time despite disturbances and uncertainties.

The history shows that after every catastrophe or Global crises, trend and need, led entire world to come out with new Inventions. This time again things will happen for sure and we will have better systems, technology which will drive resilience: The world will move to further in the dimension of superiority by offering technically superior products or services, Diversified products and services which will lead to respond to shifting consumer tastes or reduced overall demand and Flexibility, which business allowing them to manage fluctuations in input costs or change industry focus in the event of a downturn. New digital technologies will be reshaping the way operations are done, with sophisticated automation powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), more use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to support or augment human decision making. The leaders of most organizations already understand the critical role that operations play in overall business performance. I believe many companies will develop operating models that embrace resilience i.e. able to withstand shocks and capture emerging opportunities faster. #Resilience #VUCA #agility #Technology

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