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Self Introduction- Dr Praveen Srivastava

Dr. Praveen C Srivastava is the Founder of PNP Consultants, company into Business Coaching, Consulting and Training. Recipient of Philip Kotler excellence award in the area of Consulting and Training. He is India's only PROFIT Coach, Author, Corporate Trainer, Management Consultant, Turnaround specialist, Keynote speaker who works with Business Owners, CEOs to help them expand their business in terms of profitability & growth. Dr. Srivastava has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops on “How to grow Business and increase the Profitability” and “Enhance Selling Skills” Thousands of entrepreneurs have benefited from his seminars.

He has authored a book titled “How to Grow Business and Increase Profitability” & “High Impact Selling".

Dr Srivastava is Business Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and ZED certified Trainer. Dr Srivastava has traveled to more than 47 countries across the globe and worked with the Companies of various countries. His greatest strength is that he is a good negotiator and pursuer, critical thinker, excellent interpersonal skills, and par excellence in communication who makes every person feel as if he or she is the only one in the room. He not only conducts training and preach but also handhold Business owners and CEOs on one to one basis.

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