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Three Steps to Transform Your Life

Step 1: Keep your laser focus on what you desire and nothing else. Don't talk yourself out of your desire, or allow yourself to be talked out of it. Make a note of it.

Step 2: Examine what you think about your desire, both consciously and unconsciously. Limiting thoughts keep us from achieving our goals. To transcend these limiting ideas, practice self-mastery. This is significant because we get what we think about our desires in life, not what we truly want. Make sure your beliefs are in line with what you desire.

Step 3: Act, visualize, and feel as if your want has already materialized, and then take the next step (action) toward it. Before you can notice changes on the outside, you must first change on the inside.

You are the designer of your life, which you may attain via self-mastery. Self-mastery refers to a person's capacity to direct his or her life in line with their chosen ideals and principles. Because happiness is reliant on some rules and standards, it is one of the most important aspects in obtaining happiness. In other words, it's a dedication to continuous development;

Do not wait for others to motivate you:

Everyone has their own method of self-motivation. People constantly moan about their surroundings until they discover that they are the root of the terrible condition that exists within them. They refuse to acknowledge color, the distinctions that define and give significance to our lives in this planet. Acceptance entails being truthful to oneself or to your spirit. Acceptance means being honest with yourself or being true to your soul. We lie to ourselves and live in an illusion most of the time, but we don't realize that we have the ability to turn the illusion into reality.

Tips For Achieving Self-Mastery :

• Be well-versed in oneself;

• Be aware of your particular beliefs and principles; Be truthful to yourself.

• Hang out with individuals who are self-disciplined.

• Stay away from vulnerable circumstances.

• Adapt yourself on a regular basis.

• Maintain your concentration.

• Evaluate your performance on a regular basis.

• Practice self-control.

• Maintain a healthy balance

• Adopt an optimistic mindset.

• Keep track of your time.

Dr. Praveen Srivastava , ICF Certified Coach, 🎯 Trainer , 🎯Author

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