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Jonathan Jones

MovieStarPlanet Password Hack V6: The Best Way to Enjoy MSP Without Spending Money

When hacking a Laptop BIOS, I use Hiren's USB Flasher , which I use along with a Hiren's BIOS Patcher . I prefer to plug my EeePC in directly to my monitor, which means that I need to modify the boot process so that the BIOS will not try to boot from the hard drive. For this, I use a different method from Hiren's BIOS Patcher to flash the BIOS of my EeePC laptop.

MovieStarPlanet Password Hack V6

Hi everyone! Ok now I must tell you that I'm really pissed at this pass word. Because it's the only thing stopping us from fixing my computer. It's the first time that something like this happens. My way of "hacking" the BIOS is like here: I removed the CMOS battery (it's a tiny battery in the case of that laptop) and I put it in a pc. After I put the battery in, I placed the PC motherboard and laptop motherboard again and I used my screwdriver to hit the pins in the battery to make that thing connected. Then I took the PC battery from the battery and there I had the CMOS battery. Now it was time to put the CMOS battery in the PC motherboard. I opened the case and I put the CMOS battery in there. Now we are done. It was time to close the case and I plugged out the battery and the PC battery and I closed the case. But now what did I do I opened the case and I saw that the battery was moved to the PC motherboard and I touched it and it was burning my finger. I took the PC battery from the motherboard and I went to the pc, I opened it and nothing more. So I thought that maybe my pc motherboard didn't recognize the battery. I removed the battery and put it in a safe place and I plugged it in the battery. I waited a long time and nothing more. My idea was now confirmed that I had to try to put the battery back to the motherboard again. So I took the battery and I put it back. I closed the case and I opened the case and the first thing that I noticed was that the battery was no longer in the motherboard. I thought that maybe the battery was like a "dope". So I tried a different battery and in the end I changed the battery and I started my pc and nothing happened. And I started searching the web for some help. People said that it was caused of the motherboard and I put it back in the PC and even if it worked in the beginning, it stop and work after a while. Then I search for a solution online. I download the BIOS update utility. I searched for CMOS and I searched the BIOS but I couldn't find anything. I tried and tried and I try to update my bios. I tried to connect my PC with another computer and then I downloaded a program to see if my PC was locked for some reason but it wasn't locked. I tried and tried and I searched and I tried everything but nothing worked. You really need this laptop to live because we all have classes we need the work and everything. I started crying. I really needed my laptop and it was locked so I needed to call somebody and my teacher (I'm a student) and tell her that my computer was locked. Then I thought that maybe if I'll call the person who owned this laptop, he will fix it for me. And at the same time they will inform me if they can unlock the computer or they will give me another computer. I tried to call that person but I got a weird message that says: Customer care engineer is not available at this time of the night. But I think that I've been very professional throughout this conversation, and that I even went to the hospital to see if someone was available to me. The next day when I went to school, I asked the technician what was the problem. He told me that they have had many computer problems all of them had the same pass code.


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