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Fallout 4 Remove Npc Clothes

If you want to add it back you have to use the 'additem ' command, and look for the ID's from just use this mod: it makes comapnions clothing removeable and wearable.Posts: 3392 Joined: Tue Jun 13, 2006 8:59 am.

Fallout 4 Remove Npc Clothes

Download Zip:

I don't want encumbrance removed or have it be a non-issue, but I don't want it to hamper my experience either. Welcome to backpacks. What we've been asking for, since. I can't even remember. It does what it should do.

Thanks mod.NanosuitType: CustomizationDoesn't this look cool? And it looks different from all the monotone outfits in Fallout 4. All seven of them. Need more stuff. I would advice you to get a mod to remove the encumbrance (yes, I know the same can be done with console commands). It is a staple of these games, and probably counter intuitive with your list of mods to increase the difficulty, but the mechanism gets ridiculous in Fallout 4, specially when considering settlements and the need to pick random trash.Unless your specs are heavily bias toward strength, you will get encumbered twice or thrice for every single quest mission.

At first I was just equipping the clothes, so when I exited the game and returned, the settlers just changed to the default clothes, but the modded ones were still in the inventory. I quickly solved this by removing the default clothes from their inventory.

- When gifting clothesThank you so much! I'm very happy for this gift.After I change into this, I'm heading for Majula.I'm not sure where I might find Milord.But perhaps Majula is my best chance.

The Installers tab is split into three main sections: on the left is the Package List, and the right is split between the Information Tabs at the top and the Comments field at the bottom. The Information Tabs and Comments sections display information specific to the currently selected package. Much of the contents of the Information Tabs depends on the install status and order of the package. The information tabs are detailed in the table below. Information Tabs TabDescription GeneralShows summary info and the files to be installed, as determined by sub-package, plugin, voice filtering, etc. MatchedShows files which are identical to current Data directory files. MissingFiles which are missing from the Data directory. MismatchedFiles which are present in the data directory, but which aren't identical to the selected package's version of those files. ConflictsShows which other packages will conflict the current package and for what files. Note that if a given file is mismatched, but the mismatch isn't due to other packages, then it won't appear. This report can be modified to show inactive conflicts and lower order conflicts by enabling the Show Inactive Conflicts and Show Lower Conflicts options respectively. UnderiddenShows packages which should be overridden, but are not, due to install order errors. This can be corrected by running Anneal or Anneal All. DirtyShows files which the selected package previously installed, but which now should be removed or altered due to a reconfiguration of the package. Dirty files can be cleared by running Anneal or Anneal All. SkippedShows which files in the selected package were skipped by Bain.The Comments field is provided as an area in which notes may be kept on packages. It is useful for keeping track of what packages do, what your favourite install options are, etc.BAIN Refresh Back to topTo perform its magicks BAIN needs to know what's inside two directories: the game Data/ directory and its subdirectories and the Bash Installers folder (where the packages are). The Data directory scanning is done once per run of Wrye Bash, when the Installers tab is first opened, because walking this potentially huge directory and checking sizes and modification times does take a while. The Bash Installers folder however will be scanned whenever the installers tab regains focus after losing it (ie. you select another program's window, then switch back to Wrye Bash, or you switch to another tab then back to installers tab). This automatic scanning just checks modification times and sizes of installers inside Bash Installers folder to decide if any package changed, and should usually be very fast (although noticeable). There is a catch however: this check is almost instantaneous for packages (archives) but for biggish projects takes a while as Bash needs to scan modification times and sizes for all files inside the project. To make this (automatic) scan faster two options are provided for projects: Don't Refresh (on the project's context menu) and Auto-Refresh Projects (on the global menu). If a project is affected by these options Bash will skip over it when scanning Bash Installers directory and changes inside the project's dir have to be detected manually. However the initial refresh (on booting BAIN) will ignore those skip flags and will scan all project directories for changes (comparing their sizes and modification times with the ones it loads from Installers.dat).However, changes in files in the Data directory will have to be manually detected after initial refresh, as in this scenario: Install a mod from some package. Go to the installers tab. Note the package is marked green. Go back to the mods tab and edit the mod using xEdit or the CK/CS/etc. Return to the installers tab. The package is still marked green instead of being marked as out of sync with the data.This is because, as already mentioned, the refresh of the game Data directory is performed once on boot, so modifying/deleting/adding files in the game directory will not be detected afterwards, except in some few scenarios - notably, deleting a plugin from inside Bash will notify BAIN (add more actions is in the TODOs).BAIN provides several menu items for manually refreshing for the scenarios above (and others). What you most likely need is Quick Refresh. See also Full Refresh, Refresh Data and Refresh.Technical: This situation is a limitation of our refresh model which is basically polling the directories for changes. We should switch to an event based refresh but the code is not yet ready (see relevant issue).Skipped Files Back to topBAIN skips the installation of some files and directories. The types of files skipped are: Silent skips. These are not listed on the Skipped panel on the right and are: thumbs.db and desktop.ini files the omod conversion directory (omod conversion data, fomod) if on the top level of package or subpackage the wizard images directory (again if on the top level of package or subpackage) Developer files. Any file or directory that begins with '--' and is at the top level of a package or a subpackage will be silently skipped. This is so that mod authors can include files related to a mod that are not required for it to work (eg. screenshots) in packages. Bash will also skip voices for plugins that are not installed from complex installers Specified skips. There are a few options in BAIN to skip the installation of certain file types, namely the ones on the Global Skips submenu for all installers and Skip Voices (on a per installer basis). If any such options are enabled, the file type(s) in question will be silently skipped. Non-standard directories. Standard directories include all the game's default directories (including those only found in BSAs by default) - see BAIN-Compatible installer layout for a detailed list per game. Files skipped because of this will be listed in the Skipped panel on the right on the == Skipped (Dir) section. Installation of non-standard directories may be forced by using the Has Extra Directories option. Even if Has Extra Directories option is checked, directories that are silently skipped will still be skipped. For a complex package, any top level files (with the exception of files that contain "readme" and variations in their name) will be also considered as belonging to a skipped directory and will be listed in the '== Skipped (Dir)' section. Top level means at the subpackages level, not inside a subpackage. Archives & executables. Executable files, apart from Script Extender plugins if the Skip **SE Plugins option is disabled, and archives in packages will be skipped. Files skipped because of this will be listed in the Skipped panel on the right on the == Skipped (Extension) section. The complete list of extensions skipped is: .001, .7z, .7z.001, .ace, .bz2, .ckm, .db, .exe, .fomod, .gz, .lzma, .manifest, .omod, .py, .pyc, .rar, .tar, .tb2, .tgz, .zip This includes BCFs (they have a .7z extension) - still BAIN will detect those. Plugin files that are not in top level of the package/subpackage. It makes no sense to have those files in a subfolder, so those are skipped.The Plugin Filter Back to topThe Plugin Filter can be used to select which of the installer's plugins you actually want to install. It can also be used to install plugins using a different name, see the documentation for the Rename... option for more information about this.

In the table below suppose you see details for displayed_mod.esp which depends on [Oblivion.esm, displayed_mod.esm, some_other.esp, some_other2.esp] in this order. So the MIs displayed in the master list for Oblivion.esm, displayed_mod.esm, some_other.esp, some_other2.esp are 0, 1, 2, 3. Checkbox ColourMeaning Good. Matches the Master Index of the the Current load order. Good, but the Master Index is not in sync with the Current load order. So for instance if you have a load order with active mods (in this order) [Oblivion.esm, displayed_mod.esm, yet_some-other.esp, some_other.esp, some_other2.esp, displayed_mod.esp], some_other.esp will display in green as its current load order is 3 while its master index is 2. Note that the relative load order of masters is the same as it is in the MI list. The plugin loads in a different order compared to its order in the master array of displayed_mod.esp So for instance if you have a load order with active mods (in this order) [Oblivion.esm, displayed_mod.esm, some_other2.esp, some_other.esp, displayed_mod.esp], some_other.esp and some_other2.esp will display in orange as they load in different relative order than they are recorded in the master array of displayed_mod.esp. If a plugin has two masters that are siblings (one doesn't have the other as a master, so they can load in either order) and they are overriding the same record from an earlier master (e.g. both are overriding a record from the main game master file), then loading them in a different order will result in a different version of the overridden record being the "winner". But the plugin might depend on the winner being the one indicated by the order in which it references the masters. The plugin should be examined in xEdit (meaning any version) to see if it is best to alter the load order or if Sort Masters should be used to correct the issue. A Master that is missing. If unintended then you should check to make sure that you have not inadvertently renamed or removed the plugin.CSV Files Back to topWrye Bash uses CSV files for many of its plugin data related features. CSV files are a very widely supported type of spreadsheet file, and once exported may be edited in programs like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or even in text editors such as Notepad or Notepad++.CSV files are used by the Import/Export... commands as this allows much easier editing of record data in large batches or in systematic manners than in the Construction Set. The data may be exported, edited in the CSV, then imported again. The following notes apply to CSV files. Wrye Bash will ignore any lines in a CSV file for which the second column does not begin with 0x, so such lines can be used for comments. For Sigil Stones and Spell Stats CSV exports, additional effects can be added to a stone/spell by appending effects to the end of a line, leaving one blank column between each effect. If any of the Script Effect columns are set to None then all the script effects for that effect will be ignored. For the values of object stats such as price or weight or damage, etc., formulae may be used to work out the numerical values, but the file should contain the resulting numbers, not the formulae used. The faction lists for actors do not need to be complete - only the actor/faction pairs added or changed need to be listed. A rank of -1 in a faction will remove an actor from that faction. Relation lists do not need to be complete for each faction - only the added/changed main/other pairs need to be listed.CSV files can also be used when building the Bashed Patch, for a number of options. The Bashed Patch builder will automatically detect the presence of any CSV files in the Data\Bash Patches folder and have the correct filename ending. These filename endings are: Import Type Required Filename Ending Replace Form IDs Formids.csv Import Actors: Factions Factions.csv Import Names Names.csv Import Relations Relations.csv Import Spell Stats Spells.csv Import Stats Stats.csv Context Menu Commands Back to topThe tables below detail the full list of context menu commands available in the Mods tab. Column Header Context Menu CommandDescription Sort ByThis submenu allows you to choose by which column the plugin list is sorted. This is equivalent to clicking on a column header. You can also choose to sort by Type, which will place .esms before .esps regardless of the sorting criteria, or by Selection, which places selected plugins before unselected plugins regardless of criteria. ColumnsThis submenu allows you to choose which columns are visible in the mod list. Files.. Open Folder...Opens the Data folder in Windows Explorer. Unhide...Opens a dialogue window allowing you to select which hidden plugins to unhide. New Plugin... Displays a dialog that allows you to create an empty plugin with various options. New Bashed Patch... Creates a new Bashed Patch plugin. Useful if you accidentally delete your current one or wish to have more than one. Open One or more options of this form may be here, depending on the managed game. They will open the files used by the game for controlling plugin load order in your default text editor. Active Mods Activate AllActivates all the plugins in the mod list. If more than 255 mods are present Bash will activate all it can from the bashed patches, then non mergeable and then mergeable mods then will display an error message. Bash will try to activate mods in their load order. De-activate AllDeactivates all the plugins in the mod list. Some plugins will not be deactivated (for instance Fallout 4 DLCs) as the game force loads them when present. Activate SelectedActivate only the mods selected in the mod list interface - warning: their masters won't be activated ! Save Active Mods ListSaves the currently active mods to a new list. Edit Active Mods Lists...Allows the deletion and renaming of active mods lists. [Active Mods List][Active Mods List] items are listed below the separator in the Active Mods submenu. Clicking a list name will apply the list, trying to activate exactly the plugins that are listed in it. Oblivion.esmOblivion only. This submenu relates to Oblivion.esm Swapping. List Mods This outputs a BBCode-formatted load order, including version information, activation status and major load order errors. It can be useful for debugging a broken load order. If the Shift key is held when this command is selected, the CRCs of plugins will also be displayed in the output. If the Ctrl key is held, then the versions of plugins will not be shown in the output. List Bash Tags... This outputs a BBCode-formatted list of all the Bash Tags applied to the plugins in your load order, and where/how the Bash Tags were specified. It can be useful for figuring out which tags come from where. Export Bash Tags... Exports all currently applied bash tags to a CSV file. Plugins without tags will not be exported. Import Bash Tags... Imports applied bash tags from a CSV file. Plugins not listed in the CSV file will be left untouched. Clear Manual Bash Tags Removes all manually applied bash tags. Tags from plugin descriptions, LOOT masterlists and userlists and BashTags files will be left untouched. Auto-GhostThe game engine has a bug where it reads all the plugins in the Data folder, and this can affect performance when the number of plugins is around 300+. Auto-Ghosting adds a .ghost extension to all inactive plugins automatically to prevent the game engine reading them, and so helping to avoid the performance drop. When a ghosted plugin is activated, the .ghost extension is removed, allowing it to function as normal. Note that other utilities will not recognise ghosted plugins, so there are options available for individual plugins to control which get ghosted. Lock Load OrderThis prevents other utilities from altering the plugin load order. More accurately, it detects changes to the load order (modification times for earlier games, text files for later ones) when Wrye Bash starts or is focused (ie. on top of all other program windows) and reverses those changes. Lock Active PluginsThis enhances Lock Load Order to make it reverse changes to the enabled/disabled status of plugins in your load order as well. ESL-Flag Bashed PatchesSkyrim: Special Edition & Fallout 4 only. If enabled, then any built Bashed Patches will automatically be ESL-flagged, saving a load order slot. Remove Dummy Masters...Removes all dummy master files created using Create Dummy Masters... on a plugin. Check mods against LOOT's dirty mod listLOOT's masterlist contains information on dirty plugins that can be used by Wrye Bash to highlight these plugins in the mod list. Checking this setting tells Wrye Bash to use this information. Note that the detection will try to use masterlists from the user's system-wide LOOT installation, if those exist, otherwise Bash falls back to the taglists it comes bundled with. Recalculate CRCsClean stale CRCs from cache. Workaround for buggy CRC updates in previous versions of Bash. Use for instance when plugins show as mismatched in BAIN when they are not. Plugin Checker... Launches the Plugin Checker. Plugin Context Menu CommandDescription File.. Duplicate...Creates a duplicate of the selected plugin in the Data folder. Hide...Moves the selected plugin to the [Game] Mods/Bash Mod Data/Hidden subdirectory. If the plugin's author is defined and there is a Bash Mod Data/Hidden subdirectory of the same name, the plugin will be placed there. If not and the plugin's group is defined and there is a Bash Mod Data/Hidden subdirectory of the same name, the plugin will be placed there instead. Otherwise it will be placed inside Bash Mod Data/Hidden. Redate...Change the modification time of the selected plugin. If more than one plugin is selected, then all the plugins will have their modification times altered, with the first in the list being set to the specified time and the rest at one minute intervals from that time. Delete Deletes the selected plugin(s) and any backups of them, but not snapshots. Deleted plugins are sent to the Recycling Bin. BackupCreates a backup of the selected plugin in [Game] Mods\Bash Mod Data\Backups. On first run, the backed-up plugin has f appended to its file extension, giving e.g. .espf. Revert To Backup...Reverts the selected plugin to the last backup made of it. Revert To First Backup...Reverts the selected plugin to the first backup made of it. Snapshot...Creates a snapshot copy of the selected plugin in Bash\Snapshots. Snapshot filenames are appended with -n where n is a number between 01 and 99. Eg. the first snapshot of Plugin.esp is Plugin-01.esp. The number is incremented each time the plugin has a snapshot taken. Additionally, if there is a version line in the plugin's descriptio


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