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Askold Horns

Master the JNCIE SP Lab with This Comprehensive Workbook

the junos 101 book is better than the junos router-exam-old guide. it is more concise and covers the topics in a quite efficient way. this time, i also decided to go through some of the lab manual chapters. the topics that were covered in the manual were good but when i started going through the subject notes, i was quite overwhelmed by the number of notes. for example, we are told that there are 25 to 30 different references in the rfc which is a lot for any starting engineer to deal with. not only that, its a complex topic and most of those rfc are not useful for people such as myself since i wouldnt have applications that would use these protocols. with that in mind, i decided to concentrate on some pretty interesting topics. but i wouldnt suggest anyone to do the same if they are not an experienced juniper networks certified engineer. my advice would be to try and find out whats the basics required and what is the practical use. for the junos router-exam-old guide, i would simply focus on the junos router and switch labs. in the lab chapters, there are some quizzes and multiple-choice questions. i recommend everyone to take those quizzes at least once at the beginning of the lab exercises. you dont need to go through the lab manual chapter, but you get a feel of how you are doing. in lab2, take the quiz 'question 4' for one and only one question. in lab 4, the question "question 7" is what i would focus on. the rest of the labs can be ignored as they are just lab exercises. the lab manual chapters of junos 101 are very useful in that its a nice collection of lectures and tips from people who have worked on these lab exercises and most of the labs have topics you would be working on in your workplace.

JNCIE SP Preparation Workbook


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