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Buy Cheap Blender Online

Love to start your day with a breakfast smoothie? Or pack a healthy soup bowl for work? A blender is just the appliance for you. Whip up delicious drinks, smoothies, purees, and soups with the touch of a button. Create your favorite recipes with ease with a blender. Make crushed-ice, ground spices, and nut-butters in a jiffy with the right blender on hand. Blenders save time and take up very little space in your kitchen. Target has a wide range of blenders in varying designs and functions. Find countertop blender models and professional-grade blender models. Browse through the collection and find budget picks and high-performance blenders. Pick from blenders depending on your needs and usage. Find blenders with functions like blending, crushing ice, mixing & pureeing. Get single-serve blenders to make your favorite smoothies while on the go. Choose from top-rated models like Magic Bullet Personal Blender, Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender, KitchenAid Variable-speed Cordless Hand Blender, and more. Choose from popular brands like NutriBullet, Blendtec, Ninja, Breville, and many more. Get blenders with BPA-free parts and dishwasher safe parts. Got something to blend? Find a blender that is right for you at Target.

buy cheap blender online


This highly popular Cuisinart blender/food processor combo has a low-profile 40-ounce glass jar and seven blending and processing options that are clearly marked and easy to use. We love that it comes with a compact food processor bowl for chopping, stirring and shredding. When blender testing, we found that this blender was very easy to clean and that it ground ingredients exceptionally well. And once the food processor attachment was on, we were even more impressed with how this model minced parsley, shredded carrots and sliced pepperoni.

All parts, except for the base, are dishwasher safe. Of note: At 500 watts, this is not the most high-powered blender, and if you do overwork the blender it will stop working temporarily until it cools down.

We were very impressed with how well this blender performed for its great price point. The green smoothie setting yielded a smooth and creamy texture with no sign of fibrous kale or spinach. This blender also has a regular smoothie button which will provide you with a juice-bar-quality smoothie in one minute. In our tests, this blender pureed soup to a silky smooth texture and produced a mighty fine margarita, as well. The Fresh and Furious is easy to clean, and the jar and lid are dishwasher safe. In our tests, we found very few flaws, though the jar is just 50 ounces and became stained a little from tomato sauce.

This model also suctions firmly to your counter, which keeps it completely in place for its pulse-style auto-smoothie setting. In addition to the 14-ounce smoothie bowl jar, this model comes with two 24-ounce blender jars with travel lids, which are all dishwasher-safe.

If you want the option to switch between personal smoothies and blending up party-sized batches of frozen margaritas then the Foodi Power Blender & Processor System is another great pick from the Ninja Foodi line. In our tests, the blender produced smooth and creamy soups and milkshakes.

The Wolf Gourmet Pro Performance Blender stood out to us in many ways with its sleek design, featuring its signature red knob and lightweight jar with a comfortable handle. There are 10 speed settings on the blender and four pre-programmed options: soup, puree, ice crush and smoothie. This blender produced a very smooth, thick milkshake and a smoothie that was creamy and homogenous.

In our tests, this super powerful blender also produced great frozen drinks. It also has a unique emulsion cap that allows you to add oil to the blender at an optimal pace to get a great emulsion in sauces and dressings. This pick is also sized to fit under most cabinets. The blender jar is hand-wash only.

While this blender is at a lower price point compared to similar high-powered blenders, KitchenAid also has a smaller and lower-cost model that performed well in our tests. The K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender allows you to easily whirl up a soup or a smoothie in one batch even though its pitcher has a smaller 6-cup capacity.

This countertop blender won't take up much space as its base is relatively compact. Plus, the glass jar elevates the appearance of this otherwise average-looking blender. During testing, this model excelled at the smoothie test, along with chopping various foods and blending two different colored yogurts.

In addition to all the data gathered from these tests, we also considered subjective features like the look and feel of the blenders, the intuitiveness of their controls, and how easy they are to clean. We also considered price, features, size, durability, warranty, and more when making our final ranking.

Looking for the best blender for smoothies? Go for our versatile Ninja blender. Though it can do more than just smoothies. With its powerful motor and sharp blades, it crushes ice, chops nuts and blitzes frozen fruits in seconds. Rustle up post-gym smoothies, healthy breakfast blends, milkshakes and more. Once ready, dispense your delicious drink into your cup through its tap and have a great drink on the go.

Finding the best blender for the money can be a little tricky, especially if you're on a tight budget. Luckily, there are affordable blenders out there that provide good overall value for their price. While they tend to be very simple in design, some can still produce a smooth blend, depending on your needs. Whether you're looking to make smoothies to take with you on the go or silky soups for your family dinner, these blenders can offer you a decent bang for your buck.

We've tested over 85 blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best affordable blenders you can buy. If you have a bit more room in your budget, you may also want to check out our list of the best blenders under $100. Also, see our recommendations for the best personal blenders and the best blenders.

The best budget blender we've tested is the KitchenAid K150. This full-size blender has a relatively small, lightweight design, so it's a good choice for cramped kitchens. It's very well-built and isn't very noisy when it's running. The 48-ounce main jar is on the small side but has a very versatile performance. It can make smooth broccoli soup and silky smoothies with tough ingredients like kale and frozen fruit. Even though it doesn't come with a personal jar, it's easy to use for single-serve recipes. You can blend hot ingredients for soup or sauce directly from the pan, and the two-part lid makes it simple to add ingredients mid-blend.

It doesn't come with a tamper, so if you want to stir your ingredients, you have to stop the blender and remove the lid. That makes it a bit less convenient for thicker mixtures, but it can still make smooth nut butter or hummus without a huge amount of effort. The manufacturer says not to crush more than six ice cubes at once, so it's not the best option for that. The non-removable blades can be tricky to wash, but it's decently easy to clean by hand, and you can put the jar and lid in the dishwasher.

The Oster Pro 1200 is a good cheaper option. This full-size blender isn't as well-built as the KitchenAid K150, but it's usually available for less. The main jar has a 48-ounce capacity and is made of glass, which you might find is less prone to scratches and discoloration than plastic. You can also use it for hot blending. It also comes with one personal jar for smoothies or protein shakes. It makes a smooth blend with fibrous ingredients like kale, which helps make it one of the best cheap blenders for smoothies we've tested.

Unfortunately, it's not the easiest blender for recipes like nut butter or hummus. It can crush ice for frozen drinks or add to cocktails, but the main jar is only intended to handle six ice cubes at once, so you're limited to smaller batches compared to most full-size blenders. Its mediocre build quality makes it less suitable for frequent ice crushing too. Its removable blades make it much easier to clean by hand than the KitchenAid K150, and the jars, lids, and blades are dishwasher-safe.

If you like to blend frozen drinks like margaritas and need a big pitcher to serve a crowd, you might prefer the Ninja Professional Βlender 1000. This blender takes no time to pulverize ice cubes into snow-like crushed ice. Its 72-ounce pitcher can handle big batches of blended cocktails and frozen drinks like cocktails. The lid has a pouring spout, so you can easily serve drinks from the pitcher without spilling. It's also significantly sturdier than the Oster Pro 1200, which is especially important if you use your blender for tough tasks like ice-crushing regularly. The sharp blades make it hard to clean by hand, but the jar and lid are dishwasher-safe.

However, it's less versatile than the Oster or the KitchenAid K150. It's not safe to use for hot blending. It also makes a grainy puree with fibrous ingredients, which might be disappointing if you want to make drinks that include fruit like pineapple. Like the previous picks, it doesn't have any blending programs, so you need to start and stop the blender manually. If you like having the ability to push a button and turn your attention to something else, you might prefer the Ninja Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ. It's slightly more expensive but has a few programs, including 'Smoothie' and 'Ice Crushing'. Otherwise, it performs very similarly.

The Oster Pro 1200 and KitchenAid K400 can blend hot ingredients but can't heat them, unlike some pricier blenders. However, the ability to heat ingredients isn't limited to high-end blenders. If you want to use your blender for quick soups, sauces, and smoothies, you might want the NutriBullet Rx. This blender isn't meant for processing hot ingredients directly in a pot or pan, but it's a compact option that can help make one-pot soups from raw ingredients. It does a fantastic job blending fibrous vegetables like kale and broccoli, which is important for smooth, pureed soups. 041b061a72


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