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8-Bit Armies Download !FULL! PC Game

8 Bit Armies PC Game is a very friendly and fast paced RTS game till date in which you need to collect different resources and build up your own base. After building the base you also have to defend it from the claws of the enemies. You need to gather your armies and attack your enemies in order to crush them. This game has got offline single player missions as well as multiplayer cooperative missions. It has also got AI skirmish mode and also player vs player multiplayer mode. This game features 25 single player missions as well as 10 co-op missions. The game has got some very impressive visuals and praiseworthy sounds. You can also download Airline Tycoon 2.

8-Bit Armies Download PC Game

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I will admit that the controls took a little getting used to for me, particularly the way you command the soldiers. Most RTS games allow you to move the whole crew by selecting them all and ordering them to advance, in 8-bit Armies however each soldier type has a particular button assigned to it. For example if you were controlling the heavy gunner you may press triangle to select them and then the X button to order them into position. The same applies for the square and circle button, while initially complicated in the end I found it a much better system, particularly when faced with the bigger maps and multiple enemies. 041b061a72


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