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Buy Chunky Wool Blanket

Purchase the chunky knit yarn in our shop. We sell high-quality extra-fine merino wool. Our yarn is super thick, chunky and perfect for knitting DIY chunky blankets. Read more about why choose our wool over the others in our blog post "Why choose Wool Art products".

buy chunky wool blanket

After unwrapping your yarn, so now it's now time to make your first stitch. First of all, you should know that most DIY chunky knit blankets are made by arm knitting. If you've never done arm knitting before, don't worry, that's what this guide is for.To start with your first stitches, you'll only need your arms, chunky yarn and a bit of patience.

Unlike the standard knitting, where you have to cast on the stitches for the starting row, we'll give you an ingenious tip, that will give your blanket shape and make it look much neater. Instead of casting on the stitches, start crocheting the simplest crochet chain.

The length of the crocheted chain will be the width of your blanket. The last loop of the unfinished chain will be your first right side stitch. After you have crocheted the needed length chain, you can now knit the actual stitches that will form the blanket.

Tip! Crochet the chain more freely than too tight. If it's too tight, then the specific part of the blanket will tighten too much and will contrast the rest sides of the blanket. If you make the crochet chain too loose, you can always tighten it with the loose end.

Now that your blanket is done, what's next? To finish off, you'll need to bind off your chunky blanket. For the beginners, we suggest binding off from the right side, as it's easier. Make the last row by knitting the stitches from left to right and you can start to bind off. Do you remember the tip about not knitting the side stitches twice? Now you can and should do it. Knit an extra right-side stitch for the last row - it'll form a shape to the blanket corner.

While weaving the top tail, try to stick more to the top of the blanket - it'll make the thread more unnoticeable. Do the same also with the first row's tail, which was left when you started to knit the blanket - try to stick and weave the tail more to the first row's bottom.

The life-changing bonus tip! What can be more annoying than to run out of yarn before finishing the blanket? Don't worry! Instead of making huge knots in the middle of your blanket, you can just felt the two ends of the yarn threads together. You can find the felting needles in your nearest hobby shop.

I know some tutorials promise you that you'll be able to make a DIY chunky knit blanket in less than an hour. However, for most people, especially beginners, it takes longer. It took happyhappy nester five hours the first she attempted to knit a chunky blanket.

The other type of needles are a bit shorter and they're connected with a long wire. These needles are suitable for knitting the chunky blankets. The long wire between the needles holds the blanket together and the stitches stay in the place.

Another way how to knit the blanket is for your arms to perform the function of the knitting needles. So instead of putting the stitches on the needles, you put all the stitches on your hand one by one.

A tutorial for making your very own chunky crochet blanket is available from Makeit & Love it. Whether you choose to knit or crochet your blanket, the results are similar since they are made from the same material. The only difference is the technique.While some swear that crocheting is faster and easier to learn, long-time knitters vehemently disagree. However, there are a few true things. First of all, crocheting produces a heavier, more stretchy blanket than knitting.

This DIY chunky knit blanket will be just a beginning of your knitting journey. It'll be fun to make the chunky knits for yourself and it'll be even a bigger joy to delight your friends and family with wonderful chunky knit gifts.

My daughter would like me to make her a Chunky Blanket. I want to make a full size blanket not a baby blanket and would like to know how much yard is needed and if I want to use your suggested wool yarn approximately what it would cost.

Dear Erin,The yarn comes in different quantities depending on how much wool you need.The needed wool depends on the blanket size. You can check this blog post to see some examples: -art/how-much-yarn-do-you-need-for-chuky-blanket

At this point there will be a tail at the beginning and end of your blanket. The last step is hiding and securing those tails. Some people recommend weaving the tails in and hiding them within the blanket. However, I find that if you just weave them in they always work their way back out. So I recommend weaving them in and then using a needle and matching thread to stitch them in place.

Made of unbelievably soft merino wool, this chunky knit blanket is available in an impressive multitude of beautiful colors, and it features handmade quality craftsmanship. You can get it in 30 different sizes ranging from a tiny baby blanket to a king-size comforter. Reviewers adore the luxe look of the product, as well as the quick shipping turnaround time.

It displays an oversized knit that is a little less chunky and therefore easier to bring in and out of storage. You can pair this blanket with a super comfy air mattress, and your overnight guests will sleep so soundly.

In our team's weighted-blanket test, we found that this blanket's taut weave and substantial (but not overbearing) size makes it a good choice for households with pets who love getting all up in the sofa blanket pile.

This investment-worthy piece is made of undyed merino wool and handwoven by master artisans from Montevideo, Uruguay. Reviewers say that it's a stunning piece and very warm. But because of its delicate, handmade nature, it's probably not the best choice for households with pets or young children.

Below is the yarn I used for this blanket. It was on sale when I bought it, and since then it has been put on clearance and taken off the Michaels website. Sadly, I was told they would not be getting any more in stock.

The yarn I used has shed some, so if you plan to just use the blanket for decoration, then a wool yarn is still a great option. But if you plan to use the blanket often I would recommend a non-wool yarn. Below are some great options!

If you still have more questions (like how much yarn you need, can you wash the blanket, etc) you can also watch the new Q&A video I made below! I hope this video answers all of your questions and gives you the confidence you need to make your own blanket!

Just wanted to thank you for the instructional video about how to make a chunky blanket. Just finished mine and it looks great. Tried several other sites but they were hard to follow. Found yours and it was very user friendly. Again, thank you!

I am very new to this. So please for me being clueless. I have a question that is probably very stupid, but How do you connect your packs of yarn? Thank you for any help you could give me! I have been wanting to make me a big yarn blanket for a while.

I cannot knit with needles, but I found your directions easy to follow. I made a throw and cushion for my granddaughter for Christmas. When my son saw it he asked me to make one for my daughter-in-law. They both loved their throws/blankets. If I can do this, anyone can! Thank you for the great instructions.

Hello, cozy. Made from thick, all natural merino wool, this chunky throw is the definition of luxury. With a woven texture and fringe detailing, it is supremely soft and a total statement maker. When it comes to styling, the throw size makes for a perfect couch or reading nook accent, while the bed throw size adds a finishing touch to the bottom of a queen or king size bed.

Chunky knit blanket will be unique and absolutely gorgeous gift for any occasion! It is extremely cosy, soft and warm. This is truly exceptional products which will bring more style and comfort to your home!

I want to thank you so much for this beautiful and bright bit cozy yarn. The bright pink is awesome, the yellow is like the sunshine, the purple is the royalty my son and two grandsons were asking to have in their blankets. You have not disappointed, only made like GRAND. Thank you again!

There is a distinguishable difference in the quality of the chunky chenille yarn sold by your company and that of many other products carried in the larger chain craft stores. Your customer care is amazing as well and I am happy to support a small business owner who is so passionate about her business. IAs one of your customers, I am very happy to be part of that for a long time to come.

The haven for all things handmade, Etsy has some beautiful knitted blankets to choose from. King and Eye crochet, Woollish, and Bakrina are great stores to explore as well. You can filter the choices based on price, size, and quality. After some scouting, we found this particular store that has some very cozy and affordable options that are perfect for draping across the edge of the sofa or snuggling under while binge-watching your favorite shows.Buy: Chunky Knit Wool Blanket, $44.67 $33.96

When the temps drop, we head to the warmth and coziness of our favorite sweaters, throws and blankets and delicious craft brews of course! Join us on Wednesday, March 29th for a DIY Chunky Knit Blanket Class.

In this fun and easy workshop, our instructor from Garden Streets will show you how to design and make your very own Chunky Knit Blanket. Reach a moment of zen and peacefulness as you create your blanket.

Grab your tickets and learn more about this fantastic, cozy class here: -knit-blanket-making-at-lamplighter-brewery?utm_source=copyToPasteBoard&utm_medium=product-links&utm_content=web

But for this Chunky knit blanket pattern, I am using basic acrylic wool here today instead of the super expensive roving wool. Which makes this project much more affordable in my opinion. 041b061a72


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