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Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD Downloads Torrent

the three dvds, each 20 minutes in length, are arranged in chronological order and feature six of the most important historical eras in the history of the world. as history does repeat itself, the first dvd (age of kings) contains the stories and lives of people who lived and preached in the ancient middle east and their influence on christianity. the second dvd (age of reason) revolves around the reformation and the birth of the church as a worldwide movement. the third dvd (age of apocalypse) traces the prophetic hope of the new age heralded in the new testament and how that hope has been manifested in the present day.

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD Downloads Torrent

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this filmed narrative will enlighten christians as well as those seeking a clearer understanding of the bible. the dramatic interplay of narrative and the sounds and images of this compelling program will inspire listeners to consider the implications of the lessons being taught.

the contemporary issues of the world are reflected in this three-part dvd set. divided into three sections, these three dvds chronicle the last 120 years of world history. the three time periods of the 20th century have inspired profound change in the world as we know it. what does the future hold? this dvd set takes a look at the major events of 20th century in light of the bible. after an introductory package, the first section gives a detailed view of the rise of the bolshevik revolution in russia, the first world war, and the great depression.

the second section deals with the second world war, the cold war, the vietnam war, and the fate of america. the third section concentrates on the success of america in the post-vietnam war era and the forces of change that have swept through the world.


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