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Downloading and Installing RevMan 5: A Simple and Easy Process

RevMan 5 is available as a web-based application designed to make writing and reviewing a Cochrane systematic review easier. It supports pooled estimates of the effects of interventions using a graphical illustration of treatment and outcome (forest plot), allowing quick calculation of relative effects and confidence intervals (CI).

revman 5 download and installation


We believe it is especially useful for Cochrane reviews. A Cochrane review of randomized controlled trials should have a Summary of Findings table. Cochrane reviews are traditionally written by non-statisticians, and evidence from the most reliable studies should be easier to translate into the text than within RevMan. To make this process easier, RevMan has included functionality to transfer data, including study methods and results, directly into the text of the review. Although RevMan is not a word processor, it supports syntax to aid data transfer, and a template for writing review text is provided. The automatic transfer of data means you can do all of the things a reviewer would otherwise have to do using a word processor and it is more efficient. You can then upload your entire Cochrane review, including the embedded trial results and analyses and refine the text accordingly in a single online session. Then copy and paste text to your word processor for editing and formatting. The whole process of reviewing Cochrane reviews will be easier in the future.

The time between a systematic review being initiated and the final publication of the review has increased substantially. The decision to publish is usually not taken until after data extraction, but now this decision is taken using information entered within the review itself. With the recent improvements in graphical presentation of data within RevMan, it has never been easier to extract the data efficiently using the automated routine within the review. Then enter the data into RevMan and the calculation module will do the rest.


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