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Buy Aged Corporation PORTABLE

When it comes to securing asset protection quickly, accessing contracts or lease agreements without corporate history, or incorporating a company after doing business as a sole proprietor, utilizing a previously formed and seasoned aged shelf corporation can save significant time and money.

buy aged corporation


While aged shelf corporations are readily available for purchase online, it is absolutely crucial to know what to look for in a vendor, and what to avoid when buying an aged corporation. Follow the following guidelines to learn how to buy an aged shelf corporation.

Simply put, an aged shelf corporation is a company formed and metaphorically placed on the shelf to age. Not unlike a wine tucked safely away in the cellar to mature (and improve) over time, an aged corporation should have no activity beyond the maintenance of state fees to keep the company in good standing during its time on the shelf.

Aged shelf corporations have already been registered with the state they were formed in, with all Articles of Incorporation and bylaws detailing how the corporation will be governed in order. This means that the aged corporation can be purchased, all articles transferred, and a business bank account established within a single day.

In the case of a contractor who has operated as a sole proprietor for a number of years but now wishes to incorporate, choosing an aged shelf corporation that corresponds to the actual age of the company in question is key. Ensuring that the incorporation age and business age match can tip the scale favorably when it comes to securing potential customers.

Aged shelf corporations can be registered in any state as a foreign company doing business in that state. And no other state in the U.S. offers higher levels of business privacy than Wyoming when it comes to protecting assets.

4. The aged shelf corporation should come with Certificates of Good Standing and Certified Articles of Incorporation from the state, with all paperwork organized and ready for transfer in short order.

Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has an extensive inventory that includes shelf corporations that have been aged in 15 different states for up to 13 years. They have sold thousands of shelf corporations over the past 17 years, and are one of the only vendors in the U.S. to form and age these companies in multiple states.

Because of this, Wyoming is an ideal state to incorporate in. While Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. has a significant inventory of shelf corporations formed and aged across the U.S., a large portion of their aged shelf corporations inventory were formed in Wyoming as this state has the best economic climate for business.

Aged shelf corporations can be beneficial in securing asset protection quickly, accessing contracts or lease agreements, and incorporating after doing business as a sole proprietor for a number of years.

Not all vendors of shelf corporations are equal. In order to safeguard against future liability, it is important to be wary of any vendor who cannot guarantee, in writing, that their inventory of shelf

These corporation buying lists change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, these aged corporations were incorporated by us and put on the shelf. These aged shelf companies for sale come with Certificates Of Good Standing from the state, Articles of Incorporation from the state, and one year of Registered Agent Services. All state fees are paid up to the renewal date of the Wyoming shelf corporation unless otherwise noted. If you choose to purchase a Corporate Binder the following will be included: 20 pre-printed stock or membership certificates, a corporate seal, and suggested meeting minutes. If you need other services see our other services here.

Our largest inventory of aged companies for sale are Wyoming aged shelf corporations and these include Public Record Address Service for the first year. We also have aged corporations for sale in the other states listed below. Corporate Binders are not included in our prices, they can be ordered for $100. Any changes made after an order is placed will incur a $100 change or restocking charge.

Shelf companies seem like a shortcut to establishing an aged corporation on your own. However, it can also be seen as fraudulent or deceptive when using this to acquire business loans or other opportunities where your business age is needed to qualify.

According to Reuters, Wyoming Corporate Services, which sells aged shelf corporations, has had multiple civil lawsuits against the companies registered there since 2007. These lawsuits include alleged unpaid taxes, securities fraud, and trademark infringement.

Today, starting a business is much easier than in previous years. Most times you can do everything online through your state website. It only takes a few days and a small fee to file the company registration. Making it significantly cheaper than buying an aged shelf company.

Buying an aged shelf corporation might seem like a worthy shortcut to an established business until you look further into it. In reality, it opens you up to a significant amount of risk, requires a large investment, and could result in legal trouble.

The most popular states to buy a shelf corporation in are Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and Texas. These states have one or more of the following features: favorable tax policies, privacy for buyers and sellers, low fees, or fewer regulations than other states. These features make it easier or more affordable to buy a shelf corporation in one of these states.

  • No activity, debts or liabilitiesTax ID FreeWith no Tax ID the corporation cannot owe any taxes

  • Registered Agent ServiceIncluded until the renewal date of the company with the state

  • Articles of Formation or IncorporationCertified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and a thumb drive with an operating agreement and suggested meetings.

A shelf corporation is a legal entity created for tactical purposes. A shelf corporation is basically a corporation that is formed on paper but nothing is done with the corporation for years and does not engage in any real business. The only thing that is done with the shelf corporation is that, over time, the owner of the shelf corporation will establish some credit history, file taxes, and open bank accounts in the name of that shelf corporation that demonstrate that the company has some minimal activity.

The older your business, the more credible you may appear. Once you have gone down the road of completing your compliance items and opening your profile, you will work your way up the business credit ladder to bigger lenders and larger lines. This is when an aged shelf corporation can really help you out. Think of it as one more tool in your box or another weight on your side of the scale.

If you have an interest in purchasing a ready made / Shelf Corporation / Aged Texas corporation or Texas LLC (one that is already incorporated) we can help you accomplish this. You can be incorporated the same day and have your tax ID the same day. The benefits of a corporation that already has a history are numerous.

It is a corporation or Limited Liability Company that has already been established and is recorded with the Texas Secretary of State. I have been selling Ready Made Corporations to the fulfillment of my client's business needs for many years. You will rest assured that your corporation (unlike many other Law Firms offer) are kept in good standing with the Dept. of Corporations, Dept of Revenue and the IRS. WARNING!!! be sure to ask any Company that you buy a Ready Made Corp from if they have kept up all past Tax Returns; if they have not be prepared to pay an additional $500 to over $5000 in tax returns and Accountant fees not to mention a lot of time and stress clearing up these tax responsibilities. When you purchase a Ready Made/Shelf Corporation/Aged Corporation or LLC from our Firm you will receive a company with a dated history (yet the corporations and LLCs have never conducted business), Articles of Incorporation or Organization (in the case of an LLC), By-laws, Company Minutes, Stock Certificate, Electronic Seal all in E-Kit form. For an extra fee the Ready Made Corporation can remain anonymous indefinitely. Anonymous means that there are no Shareholders, Directors, or Officers listed with the Division of Corporations or on their public web site. Thus, in many situations anonymity could be advantageous to your business operations.One of the top benefits of the Ready Made Corporation is that you can have all your Corporate or LLC documents today! Yes, you may call into the office and the same day we can fax you your Business Documents that have already been in existence for a period of time. In conclusion, your purpose for buying a Ready Made Corporation will differ from others, however, we invite you to contact us and talk about how this type of entity will profit your business. Call today (1-877-845-0621) or you can complete our Ready Made Texas Corporation or Texas LLC Information form and we will prioritize our response to your questions.Any Name of our Ready Made Corporations and LLCs can be changed for you if necessary. See below for a comprehensive list of our Ready Made Corporations and LLCs and their date of incorporation. 041b061a72


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