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Mackichan Scientific Word 5.5 Serial Number

All of the MacKichan Software products share the same easy-to-learn, easy-to-use scientific word processor. You can create mathematical and scientific documents easily, combining text and mathematics in a completely integrated environment. Scientific Word 6 allows you to compose and edit complex documents directly on the screen without having to think in a programming language.

Mackichan Scientific Word 5.5 Serial Number

You can seamlessly import LaTeX files created with earlier versions of the program, and can export any document as a LaTeX file.In XML and XHTML files, Version 6 represents your mathematics as MathML. This makes it easy to create XHTML web files for the representation of your mathematics on various platforms over the Internet with a browser. The recommended browser for Version 6 is Firefox, not Scientific Viewer.Scientific Word 6 gives you multiple document production options. You can choose whether to preview or print directly from the program windowwhen you are ready for output, or you can view your document in a browser. With Scientific Word you can typeset your document when you need the extensive document formatting that LaTeX and pdfLaTeX provide.New to Version 6 you may Undo an unlimited number of previous editing changes from your current session within a document.Also new is the ability to check your spelling in realtime. With the inline spell checking from MySpell, you can catch any misspellings. MySpell, which is open-source, includes dictionaries in over 40 languages. Misspelled words have a wavy red underline.Scientific Word 6 speeds document formatting with a new visual interface for page layouts. Common tasks, such as a section head and footnote formatting are simpler. This new WYSIWYG interface translates directly to TeX. There is little or no need to use the document preamble or raw TeX commands to achieve the page format you want.Fragments in Version 6 can contain text, mathematics, TeX strings, XHTML code, graphics, or anything else that can go on the clipboard. The program comes with a few pre-defined fragments. Information in fragments can carry tags, and fragments from each document are available to all.Tables in Scientific Word 6 are made easier by a new visual interface. Rows and columns will resize automatically to fit the amount of information being entered; you can also manually resize them.Scientific Word 6 gives you improved and scalable fonts. Use pdfLaTeX or XƎTEX to create documents with a wide variety of scalable fonts. With XƎTEX you can use any OpenType font installed on your computer, as well as Unicode and associated extended Unicode TrueType fonts. The program includes the latest version of LaTeX and AMS macros. The packages yield ligatures and kerning in all text when documents are typeset.Scientific Word 6 supports any left-to-right or right-to-left language that is supported by your operating system.The manual, Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word Version 6, by Clint Hicks, is a guide to the substantial changes in this new version. Written as an introduction for new users, as well as giving existing users information about the important changes to the functionality of our programs, this manual is available as a download.

Each owner of Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word should have a serial # that was included with their purchase. This number will be included in your license file as the last line of the file. This serial number is required to activate your software again on another computer.

Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 is a mathematical and scientific text editor. Using this program you will be able to create, edit and typeset this kind of text with ease. Scientific WorkPlace is basically a word processor that integrates mathematical input and computations. Scientific WorkPlace uses LaTeX, which is the standard for mathematics typesetting, that automatically generates footnotes, indexes, bibliographies, tables of contents, and cross-references. Youll be able to import Fragment files (.FRG), pictures from most graphic files and content from any .TEX or non .TEX file. The program has all the features that you will find in any text editor (text format, find, replace, alignment, etc.). Besides, you can insert fractions, radicals, operators, brackets, matrices, labels, tables and formulas. You can assign content for tag keys, in order to ease the data entry. Scientific WorkPlace also allows to graph formulas youve entered, plotting them in 2D or 3D. You will be able to process statistics, perform statistical calculations and more.

Follow the instructions given on the screen.Important Note: You are welcome to evaluate all of our programs atonce, if you like. You will be given a serial number for each program. Pleasebe aware, though, that your 30-day evaluation period begins at the time youactivate the first program. We have found that 30 days is ample time to learnif the product will serve your needs.

Scientific WorkPlace makes writing, sharing and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier than you ever imagined. This is an easy-to-use word processor that integrates mathematics and text in the same environment. This app allows the user to perform computations on the screen, and to print them out correctly formatted.


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