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One Piece Episode 820

Inside the room, Brook is stripped, and the Chess Soldiers do not find any stolen objects in his clothes. This lightens Big Mom's mood around Brook as she coddles him as her new pet, and she commends him for overpowering her Chess Soldiers. However, she reveals that he was unable to overpower her special homies, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon, because they were made with pieces of her own soul. She is relieved that he was not trying to steal the Poneglyphs, revealing that Gol D. Roger managed to sneak in and read them with his ability to hear the Voice of All Things, allowing him to reach Laugh Tale. She planned to become the next Pirate King, as she now had a key to be able to hear the Voice of All Things as well. Pudding then enters the room, and Big Mom asks her if she has awakened her third eye's ability yet. The exasperated Pudding states that it may be impossible due to her being a half-breed, and Big Mom says that the third eye is just an ugly feature on her if it cannot be useful. Brook is surprised to hear of Pudding's third eye, and the two of them spot and recognize each other. Pudding, surprised that Brook got here, asks Big Mom if they can talk privately in her quarters.

One Piece Episode 820

We're still far from returning to the traditional one-chapter-per-episode pacing, but whenever Toei can manage to frankenstein pieces of different chapters together like this to offer some variety, it pays off. This episode is packed with content, juggling at least four separate subplots, each with their own dense amount of information to parse. There's a lot going on here, so it's probably going to be easiest to tackle each of these plots one at a time:

This episode also has Luffy's dash through Big Mom's territory to find Sanji, beating up whatever grunts he can on the way. It all looks pretty snazzy, and in the wake of this along with Jimbei's earlier revolt, the Big Mom family has a ton of messes to clean up. We're learning more and more that, while this crew is quite the formidable force, the kids' first priority to is to keep mama happy, and they will lie and cheat in order to keep any failures under wraps. Even Big Mom's strongest daughter Smoothie is afraid of what happens if her mother is put in the wrong mood, and the little cracks in the family's armor are slowly being established.

For an episode that only adapted a whopping 12 pages of manga (I checked), I was floored by how big it felt in scope. Even if we're still technically adapting the same amount of manga as usual, the episode manages to be more than the sum of its parts. Multiple subplots make significant steps forward, there are small but sharp nuggets of information that chart the path of the remaining arc, and we get a fight that manages to be wildly entertaining in a plethora of unique and unexpected ways. I really wasn't expecting my mind to be chewing on this episode as much as it has been, but here we are. I loved it.

Apa yang akan terjadi di episode 820 mendatang? Kita akan kembali menyaksikan pertarungan antara Big Mom melawan Brook yang memang belum selesai. Di episode depan, pertarungan keduanya akan memasuki final, dan tentu sudah kalian duga, Brook akan kalah.

Jika badan Tamago hancur, maka dia akan mengeluarkan mata telur dari tubuhnya, dan dari mata telur ini Tamago akan beregenerasi menjadi bentuk baru yang lebih kuat. Bentuk kedua yang akan diperlihatkan di episode 820 adalah Viscount Hiyoko yang menyerupai anak ayam. Namun Pedro bisa menghancurkan bentuk kedua ini dengan cepat.

Sepanjang pencarian, tentunya Luffy bertemu dengan banyak pasukan Big Mom, dan terus-terusan menghajarnya sembari lari dan mencari. Kemungkinan di akhir episode 820, Luffy sudah sampai bertemu dengan Reiju, dan Reiju mengatakan bahwa Sanji baru saja pergi, dan Sanji sudah mengetahui Pudding yang sebenarnya.

To recall, episode 820 featured the fight between Tamago and Pedro wherein Tamago regenerated into a stronger form that is known as Viscount Hiyoko. Meanwhile, Brook is still fighting with Big Mom in the Room of Treasure. Brook failed to pierce Big Mom's skin and he was defeated, but he already managed to damage Prometheus.

In this episode, Luffy broke out of prison. To make sure that Big Mom will not learn about it, Smoothie ordered the floors below them to be blocked off. With Luffy out, he fought against Charlotte Cadenza with the goal of finding Sanji. Luffy choked the pirate to get Sanji's location.

In the upcoming episode 821, it will highlight Luffy as he will try to move through the hideout of Big Mom. The Straw Hat Pirates leader is full of wrath with the goal of saving Sanji from the wedding. But before he can go to Sanji, he will be fighting with some officers.

The preview of the next episode, titled "The Chateau in Turmoil! Luffy, to the Rendezvous!," hints that Luffy will retrieve Sanji while Jinbe and Nami will be running around inside the castle. Luffy will be in a rush to go to Sanji since he needs to tell him about the secret of the wedding. While fighting with enemy officers, Luffy will see Reiju who will suddenly show up.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode #820 Space Mutiny (1988): Space Mutiny: 10 out of 10; When people make lists of the best MST3K episodes, Space Mutiny is often is in the top five (keep in mind this is out of an astounding 197 episodes). Even more impressive Space Mutiny is often given as the perfect starter episode to get people to watch MST3k as it is remarkably accessible and honesty, as stated above, funny even without the riffs.

Lewis: This is episode number 820 with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick. Welcome to the school of greatness my name is Lewis Howes a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and each week we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today, now let the class begin.

From the cache! Until an all-new episode premiers this October, please enjoy this recast on the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald that originally aired in 2020. In 1975 the gales of November billowed out a monster storm over the waters of Lake Superior, and the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald met it head on. By the time the sky cleared, the crew and their ship had become an inseparable part of the history and lore of the Great Lakes. In this very special episode of the History Cache, we uncover the history behind the shipwreck, try and understand what happened the night it disappeared, and hear some of the haunting audio of the search captured through Coat Guard transmissions on that fateful night. This is the story of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Their scow was found snagged in the river at mile 232, all their belongings still intact, but the young couple had vanished. Their disappearance sparked a mystery still told around canyon camp fires and has made them an inseparable piece of Grand Canyon lore. A diary, a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull, and a campfire confession all stoked the flames of a century of mystery. Come hear their story.

The finale is here! Come find out just how one of the most inspiring stories of human endurance ended. We head back to Antarctica and watch the crew of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition make history as Shackleton attempts one last desperate attempt at a rescue mission. This episode has all the answers you've been waiting for.

In Part 3 of Shackleton's Lost Voyage, we join the stranded crew of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914, who have been stranded on the ice now for well over a year. Their ship has been crushed, starvation and madness have begun to set in, and they've been trapped by the ice and sea with no way out. In this episode, we watch as they make a desperate escape attempt while the ice splits beneath them, before heading out towards the unknown on the open sea.

In Part 2 of Shackleton's Lost Voyage, the crew of the Endurance find themselves frozen fast in the Antarctic pack ice in 1915. In this episode, we examine the psychology behind what happens to the human mind during the long Polar Night as we join the crew on the next leg of their journey. Disaster, heartbreak, and uncanny resilience unfold in this second chapter before the finale of Part 3.

In 1914 the crew of the Endurance left to trek across the continent of Antarctica on foot. Led by Sir Ernest Shackleton, they believed their journey would bring them adventure, scientific discovery, and fame. What actually unfolded would become one of the greatest stories of human endurance the world has ever seen. Crushed by ice, lost, and wandering at the bottom of the world, they would harrow the most severe environment on Earth as they gave everything to make it home again. Come hear the story of the Trans Antarctic Expedition and the polar explorers that colored in the last pieces of the world's map. 041b061a72


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